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We welcome any comments you have about your travels with Lufthansa. Your feedback is especially helpful in our ongoing efforts to better meet your needs.

Denied Boarding Compensation (DBC) vouchers 

Reimbursement requests for Denied Boarding Compensation (DBC) vouchers received from Lufthansa must be submitted via mail to:

Lufthansa German Airlines
Attention: DBC department
625 RXR Plaza
Uniondale, NY 11553

It is suggested to send your DBC voucher via certified mail, registered mail, or courier service as lost vouchers can not be replaced or reissued. Please keep a copy of the voucher for your own records.

You can also check the status of a previously submitted DBC reimbursement request here

Should you suspect any fraudulent activity on a Lufthansa transaction, please report these charges directly to the card issuer by using the phone number found on the back of your credit or debit card. Your financial institution will process the inquiry/dispute directly with Lufthansa on your behalf.

Online feedback

If you live in North America you can submit comments via mail to the address below or by completing our online contact form.
Please fill in all requested fields to help us get back to you as quickly as possible. You will receive a response within 2 weeks from receipt of your feedback.

For general information on travel with Lufthansa prior to your departure please contact your local reservation center.

Other communication channels

The more information you provide us, the faster we can assist you.

When contacting us via mail, you can use the following address, and it's important to include the information listed below:

Lufthansa Customer Relations
625 RXR Plaza
Uniondale, NY 11553

  • Flight number and dates of travel
  • Passenger ticket receipts and boarding passes
  • Reimbursement requests for baggage related issues must include the airport reference number as well as original receipts. No copies, please.

When contacting us via telephone, you can reach us at +1 (516) 738-4422, please be sure to include the following information:
Text telephone for hearing impaired (TTY): 1-866-846-4283

  • your first and last name
  • your daytime telephone number
  • your e-mail address
  • your postal address (if preferable)
  • your flight number and dates of travel
  • your booking (reservation) code
  • and most importantly, please include your feedback

For anyone with a residence outside North America, please contact your local Lufthansa office.

Ticket Refunds

Tickets purchased at a travel agency 

If you purchased an electronic ticket or a paper ticket from a travel agency (including online agencies), please contact your travel agent directly. Your travel agent is the responsible party to review and process any refund due.

Tickets purchased directly from Lufthansa 

All refunds due will be issued to the original form of payment in accordance with the conditions of the fare type purchased. Please note that some tickets are wholly non-refundable, or require a service fee, which will be deducted from the refund amount. 

If the ticket was purchased from Lufthansa directly and could not be used due to illness or death of the traveler, traveling companion, or immediate family member, please submit your request with the respective documentation to:

Lufthansa German Airlines
Attention: Ticketing Refunds
625 RXR Plaza
Uniondale, NY 11553

Please note that any refund in the above cases is dependent upon the fare type purchased.

Complaint Resolution Official (CRO)


If you encounter problems while travelling on Lufthansa, please feel free to ask any crew member or ground staff for a Complaint Resolution Official (CRO).

Our CRO’s have been specially trained in sensitivity and awareness, as well as all applicable Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations and legislation. They will be glad to respond to your concerns.

Our CRO’s are available during operating hours at all our U.S. Destinations, and at the following German locations during operating hours: Frankfurt, Munich and Dusseldorf.

If you feel that Lufthansa is not compliant with the requirements of the Air Carrier Access Act or 14 CFR Part 382 you have the right to contact the U.S. Department of Transportation if you want that agency to consider further action on your behalf.

U.S. Department of Transportation
Aviation Consumer Protection Division/C-75
1200 New Jersey Ave, SE
Washington, D.C. 20590
1-202-366-2220 (voice)
1-202-366-0511 (TTY)

Aviation Consumer Protection Division 

Please note that with this link you are visiting an external website that may not follow the same privacy, security or accessibility policies.

U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Disability Hotline:
If you have experienced time-sensitive, disability related air travel service problems that require immediate attention, you may call 1-800-778-4838 (voice) or 1-800-455-9880 (TTY) to obtain assistance. This hotline is available from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday.

Get more information on the U.S. Department of Transportation website under

Please note that with this link you are visiting an external website that may not follow the same privacy, security or accessibility policies.