How Live Auction Upgrades work

Lufthansa and its partner SeatBoost offer you the opportunity to upgrade to Premium Economy or Business Class from 23 hours until 70 minutes before departure on flights from Miami & New York.


The possibility of live auctioning for an upgrade is only valid on flights from MIA, JFK & EWR to FRA/MUC operated by Lufthansa.

Premium Economy Class                                                          

Look forward to a spacious, comfortable seat with up to 50% more room on all sides.
Enjoy the comprehensive in-flight entertainment program on 12-inch monitors and indulge in the upgraded meal and beverage service.

Business Class

In Business Class, you will reach your destination feeling well-rested - your seat converts into a fully flat bed that is two metres long. In addition, enjoy the first-rate service on board with selected menus served on top-quality tableware and a comprehensive selection of beverages.

How does it work?

1. Download and access the App and choose your flight/auction

When you open the SeatBoost App, you will be able to check if your flight is eligible for an upgrade auction to Premium Economy or Business Class. Then choose the auction you want to participate in.   

2. Place your bids

Check the minimum initial amount to bid, and place a bid by using your credit card as form of payment. Check your position in the auction and use the paddles to continue bidding.

3. Stay tuned

If you win the auction, you will receive a message right after its closure. The auctions close approx. 70mins before the flight departs. You will then receive a message that you have succeeded in the auction. Please pick up your new boarding pass/es at the respective airport gate. The debit of the auctioned price will automatically be charged on the registered credit card.

Get the Auction started now!

Download the SeatBoost app now.

Grab the last remaining seats in a higher travel-compartment and enter an auction that feels almost like a game!

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