Terms & Conditions for Group Travel

Required group size: at least ten people travelling together on the same outbound and return flights.

Please note that children under the age of 12 years may only travel if accompanied by adults.

Applicable routes: from all airports in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to all destinations within the Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa and SWISS route networks that are served by the Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa or SWISS fleets.

Payment: payment by credit card or bank transfer within seven days of booking. Please note: if you are paying with a foreign credit card in Germany, additional fees may be incurred.

‚ÄčInformation on additional fees

Names: the names of all group members must be provided at least 14 days before departure. If the names are not provided by this deadline, the booking will be cancelled and a fee will be charged.

Issue of travel documents: tickets will be issued 14 days before departure.

Rebooking: rebooking is not permitted.

Name changes: names can be changed easily and free of charge before the tickets have been issued. However, name changes to be made after the tickets have been issued are only possible for a fee of 100 euros per passenger name to be changed. Name corrections (e.g. upon marriage) are, however, permissible without charge even after tickets have been issued.

Cancellation and refund after payment but before tickets have been issued: 20 per cent of the group (rounded upwards) may be cancelled up to 14 days before departure, provided that the minimum group size of ten people is maintained. You will receive a full refund of the fare allocated to these members of the group. Cancellation is no longer possible less than 14 days before departure and only the unused taxes and fees will be refunded.

Cancellation and refund after tickets have been issued:
if a booking is cancelled after the tickets have been issued, the airfare and the national/international surcharge will not be refunded. Unused taxes and fees are, however, refundable.