General terms and conditions for currency conversion

Note the following when purchasing a ticket with currency conversion options:

  • The option to pay in a different currency is available only when booking through
  • The exchange rate at the time the booking is concluded is binding.
  • The total converted amount is based on the daily exchange rates of the Bloomberg FX Fixing. Please note that the exchange range can therefore vary for new bookings or booking enquiries made through
  • The currency conversion option is only offered on ticket purchases and selected additional services.
  • The receipt may not be manipulated.
  • Lufthansa reserves the right to legal action in the event of fraud.
  • The conditions may change at any time and without prior notification.
  • The optional currency conversion is not possible with "Hold my booking for 72 hours" because the end price is subject to currency fluctuations.
  • The optional currency conversion is not possible in combination with vouchers since the voucher needs to be redeemed in the original currency of the ticket.
  • When using the currency converter, the total amounts of various cost centres may vary. The end price will therefore be rounded down in the customer's favour.

This option is not available for: Later changes to bookings, upgrades or additional services (e.g. additional baggage, advance seat reservation) or for ticket purchases made through different booking channels (e.g. Service Center, Airport Ticket Office).


All refund requests will be processed in the original ticket currency and not in your selected currency.

Other credit card charges

Some banks might charge additional fees in individual cases. Lufthansa has no influence over these charges.