To enable you to board more comfortably and quickly in future, we have introduced group boarding on continental flights.


The new boarding procedure on continental flights 

The boarding process on continental flights is in the following sequence: window – centre – aisle. This way we avoid delays and bottlenecks while passengers look for their seats. Please note that we consistently keep to the boarding group order in your best interest.

Pre-boarding Families with babies and small children under 5, unaccompanied minors, passengers with reduced mobility
Group 1 HON Circle Members, Senators, Star Alliance Gold Card holders
Group 2 Business Class passengers, Economy Flex passengers
Group 3 Economy Class passengers with a window seat and companions
Group 4 Economy Class passengers with middle seats and companions
Group 5 Economy Class passengers with aisle seats

After pre-boarding, we begin the boarding of priority Groups 1 and 2. Then Groups 3 to 5 will be invited to board.

Passengers who check in together will, of course, be allocated to the same boarding group and will therefore also be able to board together.

Quick Boarding Gates

Use our Quick Boarding turnstiles at selected gates in Frankfurt and Munich and at many other airports worldwide. They will enable you to board the aircraft quickly and conveniently.

This is how Quick Boarding works:

Place your boarding pass with the barcode face down on the scanner. After a short verification process, the gate will be released and you can go through. If your seat has changed at short notice, the Quick Boarding machine will print out a new coupon with the updated seat information.

On-screen display of the waiting list at the departure gate

Are you on the waiting list for a flight? In Frankfurt and Munich and at selected departure gates in Hamburg and Hanover, you can check your waiting list status on monitors. You can take a seat and relax, and you no longer have to enquire at the counter or wait for an announcement.

As soon as a seat number appears on the monitor beside your initials, please proceed directly to boarding. You will automatically receive your boarding pass stub with your seat information.