First Class personal assistant

A productive day begins when you are met personally at the airport and given a cordial welcome.

Your arrival at Frankfurt Airport should be as relaxed and pleasant as possible for you and your travelling companions. At the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt and at Munich Airport, you can drive straight up to the entrance and hand your car over to the valet parking service. At Frankfurt Airport, a personal assistant will be waiting for you when you arrive at the First Class Terminal or at the First Class Lounges to take care of all your travel formalities swiftly and discreetly. The assistant will then accompany you through security and check you in for your flight. At many airports outside Europe, too, you can enjoy the reassuring feeling of knowing that a personal assistant will be on hand to see to your travel requirements.

A personal welcome

At many airports worldwide*, a personal assistant will be there to greet you when you land and to accompany you to baggage reclaim and, official regulations permitting, through immigration. On your departure, a personal assistant will be waiting for you at the First Class check-in.

An escort through security

If you wish, the personal assistant will take you through security and passport control in the quickest way (official regulations permitting), to the lounge or straight to your departure gate.

Personalised information

If you are transferring at an airport outside Europe, you will be informed personally about your connecting gate and lounges.

Proactive organisation

If something has to be organised in advance because of changes in flights, this will be taken care of while you are still high above the clouds.

*Except in Europe, Jeddah, Luanda and Riyadh