Baggage check-in

At some airports you can check in your baggage yourself at a self-service bag-drop kiosk by scanning your boarding pass. 

To check in your baggage quickly and in a relaxed way, we recommend that you issue your boarding pass online from 30 hours before departure. If you cannot issue your boarding pass online, the check-in machines at the airport are available.

Baggage check-in at the Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Geneva, Vienna, and Brussels hubs.

  • Frankfurt Airport: Terminal 1, Departure Hall A, counters 259–278; this is also where families booked in Economy Class and Premium Economy Class check in their baggage. Departure Hall B, counters 314–335. Opening times: 05:00–21:00 hours.
  • Munich Airport: Terminal 2, Departures Level 04, in the middle of the central Lufthansa Economy Class check-in area and at both side entrances to the car curbside zone and taxi and bus curbside zone. Opening times: 04:00–21:00 hours
  • Zurich Airport: Check-in 3, near the rail station, counters 337–346; Check-in 2, row 5, counters 501–510. Opening times: 04:00–17:30 hours.
  • Geneva Airport: Counters 78–81. Opening times: 04:00–21:00 hours.
  • Vienna Airport: Terminal 3, counters 301–399. Opening times: 04:00–22:30 hours.
  • Brussels Airport: Check-in row 4

Checking in your bags at the bulky-baggage counter

Surfboards, fully foldable travel pushchairs, and backpacks – some items of baggage need to be checked in separately at the dedicated bulky-baggage counter. You will be told at the airport whether your item of baggage counts as bulky baggage. Please check in your bulky baggage only after you have checked in your regular baggage.

  • At Frankfurt Airport you can check in your bulky baggage between Departure Halls A and B at counters 301–304; child buggies and child seats in Departure Hall A, counter 278 and in Departure Hall B, counter 314. The counters are open daily from 05:00 to 21:00 hours.
  • At Munich Airport, the bulky-baggage counter is located in Terminal 2 on Level 04 by counters 25 and 26.