Travel briefing – your guidelines for a pleasant journey

We attach great importance to making you feel comfortable and well-prepared on your journey and flight with Lufthansa. That’s why we have put together the most important information and tips for you here.

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Travel planning and booking

Enquire in good time about the entry requirements for your destination. The authorities of some destination countries may require passengers to register online before arrival.

Currently, we are offering extended rebooking options on many fares so that you can make your travel plans more flexible.

If you would like to have even more certainty in planning your journey, find out about the additional Covid-19 services offered by our insurance partners.

Save your contact details under "My bookings" so that we can contact you during your trip if necessary.

Our partners have also adopted protective measures for your safe journey which may be different from our regulations.

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Please protect yourself and your fellow travellers. Only set off on your trip if you feel well. If you or a passenger travelling with you feels unwell, please rebook your flight in accordance with your fare conditions in good time before departure.

Have your Covid-19 travel documents checked in advance. This way you will know at an early stage whether your documents are complete and correct.

Get all the most important things done for your upcoming trip while you’re still at home by using our digital services and feel more relaxed when travelling on the day of your trip.

We recommend that you use digital, contactless check-in via our website or the Lufthansa app.

Picture of passengers wearing face masks in the aircraft

At the airport

As a general rule, allow more time at the airport, especially if you wish to check in baggage.

Many airports are providing Covid-19 tests. You can find information about the test centres at your departure airport after entering your departure and destination airports here.

At many airports you can drop off your baggage at our self-service bag drop kiosks and also obtain all baggage receipts there.

We have opened our lounges. You will find up-to-date information about our lounge services and the respective locations in our lounge directory.

You are still obliged to wear a face mask at many airports. Please find out about the regulations at your journey’s airports.

Please keep an appropriate distance from other travellers at the airport too. Please also use the hygiene services, such as hand sanitiser, provided by our airport partners.

Picture of a couple wearing face masks at a destination airport

On board

By "boarding by group" you get on board your aircraft more quickly, while maintaining the required safe distance.  Please only board when your boarding group is called. Information about your boarding group can be found on your boarding pass.

You are obliged to wear a medical face mask on board as well as on entering and leaving the aircraft. Please note that visors or masks with valves (or made of fabric) are not permitted on board. Passengers who have already been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 must also wear a face mask on board and observe the rules.

Our aircraft cabins are deep cleaned before and after each flight. In addition, the frequency and intensity of cabin cleaning has been increased.

The air filtration system changes the air in the aircraft completely approximately every three minutes to provide excellent air quality.

Our disembarkation processes have been adapted. Please pay attention to the on-board announcements of your crew.

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Travelling and Covid-19

At Lufthansa, your safety is our top priority. That is why you will find the most important information about planning your journey here.

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Keeping travel plans flexible

We offer you the greatest possible flexibility so that you can make your travel plans without constraint.

A woman sitting in the airport waiting area with safe-distance markings

More comfort on board

Enjoy more comfort on board, and simply add the adjacent seat to your booking.