Menus in First Class

Travel and dine the First Class way! Let us spoil you with our culinary highlights so you can experience special moments of pleasure in First Class.

On board our First Class flights from Germany you will be able to enjoy excellent menus that have been prepared using seasonal and regional produce.

Just like the red rose, the caviar service is an integral part of the First Class experience. And passengers on day and evening flights are able to enjoy this as a separate course. In response to the wishes of many of our passengers, we also offer a different starter with a variety of small savoury nibbles.

Menu September / Oktober 2017 in der First Class// First Class Menue september/october 2017 i, Menu September / Oktober 2017 in der First Class// First Class Menue september/october 2017

Fine food served with pure design

The First Class experience is not only reflected on the plate, but in all the tableware as well: pure design and refined touches such as salt and pepper mills for each passenger, an additional bowl of olive oil, elegant glass carafes on the First Class bar containing three different types of water, a fine china cheese platter, high-quality cutlery and a stylish serviette ring emphasise the first-class service on board.

Bordmen?  F/CL 2. Mahlzeit// boardmenue F/Cl 2. Course

Dining is now even more individual and flexible

After their first meal, our First Class guests can also order an extensive selection of small dishes later on. We offer a choice of these dishes throughout the entire flight. For example, passengers may be able to choose soup or stew, a hot main course, a platter of cold cuts and cheese, high-quality burgers or cake from the menu. The choice available varies depending on the time of day and the duration of the flight.

Take a look at the menu

You can find out before your departure which exquisite menus are available on your First Class flight. Enter your flight number, and the current menu for your First Class flight will be displayed.

Exclusive wines in First Class

Our award-winning wine selection in First Class is now even more exclusive – with a wine list that changes every month and which has now been expanded to include an exceptional red wine and white wine.