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More holiday, fewer cares

AIG Travel is a leading global travel insurance company which offers global travel insurance and assistance solutions for individual travellers or tour operators. Our range of services also includes a wide variety of emergency services which are provided via a network of assistance centres in Asia, Europe and America. AIG Travel offers cover both for private holiday travel and for business trips. Thanks to AIG Travel’s global reach, quality of service and proven operational skills, travellers receive best-in-class support.

Travel insurance packages

When you book your flights, AIG Travel offers you two different, yet comprehensive insurance packages*, and you book the best cover to suit your personal requirements.

Many things can intervene before the start of your holiday to hinder the start of your trip, e.g. serious illness or a fire in your own home. If this happens, then your booked flight has to be cancelled. If such events occur during your trip, an immediate return home becomes necessary.

In either case the following applies: you can insure yourself for any flight cancellation charges that may occur or additional costs arising from the return trip by booking our return trip insurance standard cover. This insurance package also contains appropriate services where there are any problems caused by flight or baggage delays.

By taking out the travel protection package standard cover, you increase the insurance scope of the return trip insurance standard cover and can look forward to your trip without any worries.

So even on your way to the airport, you will be insured in the event that your holiday baggage is stolen or damaged en route. The financial consequences can be lessened by travel baggage insurance.

Cover in the event of medical treatment while abroad and the costs arising from this are also a cornerstone of this insurance package. A valuable addition to this package are the support services in case of an emergency (while abroad).

Return trip insurance standard

  • Return trip costs insurance
  • Travel curtailment costs insurance
  • Travel interruption insurance
  • Missed departure
  • Delayed flight
  • Delayed baggage

Travel cover package standard (including travel convenience standard):

  • Travel baggage insurance
  • Foreign travel medical insurance
  • Travel accident insurance
  • Hijack and kidnapping
  • Robbery
  • Assistance services while travelling and emergency assistance
  • Travel assistance


* Customers receive different products when making bookings involving Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Kuwait, Latvia, Romania, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, the United States of America and South Africa