SHARE NOW Car-sharing

Whether it’s for two minutes or 30 days: SHARE NOW car-sharing offers you a cost-effective alternative for getting to the airport, in to town or to your next appointment.

Create an account

Register free of charge with SHARE NOW. Additionally, as a Lufthansa customer, you will receive a 10-euro initial credit through the Lufthansa newsletter.

Download the app

Download the SHARE NOW app. This also serves as the key to all SHARE NOW vehicles.

Upload driver’s licence

Upload your driver’s licence to the SHARE NOW app where it will be validated.

Rent a vehicle

Locate and then book a vehicle in your vicinity directly via the SHARE NOW app.

Your benefits

Direct connection
With SHARE NOW there will always be a vehicle ready for you in 16 European cities. You will find SHARE NOW at most airports throughout Europe. Enjoy a relaxed drive to the airport and then, after landing, drive straight to your meeting.

Unbeatable prices & all inclusive
The SHARE NOW rates are considerably cheaper than the prices of taxi rides and conventional car rental companies. That’s because parking in the city as well as insurance, winter tyres, satnav and fuel are included. You don’t need to refuel your vehicle either – but if you do, you will even receive an extra credit.

Maximum flexibility
With SHARE NOW you can be more flexible than with traditional car rental companies. There are no fixed rental offices, no paperwork and no queueing. Start and end your rental as necessary within the business area. There are thousands of SHARE NOW premium vehicles, Europe’s largest fleet of electric cars and a continuous direct connection to the airport available to you.

High level of availability – with or without booking
SHARE NOW cars are available around the clock. As soon as you see an available SHARE NOW vehicle, you can simply get in and drive away. If your plans require greater certainty, you can pre-book, and SHARE NOW will deliver the vehicle to your desired location free of charge.