With Lufthansa Rail&Fly, you can travel cost-effectively and easily by train to and from your international flight.

In cooperation with Deutsche Bahn (German Rail), you can travel to all the German airports served by Lufthansa – flexibly and at attractive prices.

Lufthansa Rail&Fly offers you many benefits

  • Convenient travel from any of more than 5,600 DB stations
  • Your Rail&Fly ticket is valid on the day of your flight as well as one day before departure and one day after your arrival in Germany
  • You have a free choice of trains – including IC/EC (InterCity, EuroCity) and ICE (InterCity Express) trains

The most important conditions at a glance

  • The ticket is only valid in combination with an international flight (Lufthansa flight number issued on a Lufthansa ticket)
  • Children under 2 years old travel free of charge, children under 12 years old receive a 50% reduction
  • The ticket cannot be refunded
  • You should always choose a Rail&Fly connection that enables you to arrive at your departure airport at least two hours before your flight, even if there is a delay. Every passenger is responsible for arriving at the airport in good time. Lufthansa accepts no responsibility for missed flights due to the delayed arrival of a bus or train.

General information Lufthansa Rail&Fly


You can book your Rail&Fly ticket easily online with your flight. Add the train ticket to your shopping basket – you will find the Rail&Fly option below the airfares.

You can, of course, also book the tickets at your travel agency or by calling the Lufthansa Service Center.

The attractive prices for Lufthansa Rail&Fly

  Single journey Return journey
2nd class EUR 30 EUR 60
1st class EUR 60 EUR 120
Children (2-11 years) 50% reduction 50% reduction
Babies (under 2 years) free of charge free of charge

Train connections

The travel times for your train journey shown on your itinerary do not represent valid connections. To find the best train connection for your journey, go to www.bahn.de

Collecting your ticket when booking via lufthansa.com
Following your online booking at lufthansa.com, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link that takes you to your train ticket. Please print out this ticket and remember to take it with you on the train, along with the means of identification you entered during the booking.

Please note: for joint bookings for several passengers, only one Rail&Fly online ticket is generated. In this case all the passengers must travel on the same train.

Collecting your ticket when booking through a travel agency or the Lufthansa Service Center
When you book at a travel agency or via the Lufthansa Service Center, you have a choice of two types of ticket available to you (One-Way, Round trip) from 72 hours before you start your journey. Please note that the Rail&Fly ticket for your return trip will also be available at the earliest 72 hours before departure. You have the option of printing out your Rail&Fly ticket online. To do this, simply go to the website www.accesrail.com/checkin and enter your name and either your ticket number or your booking code.

Check-in and bag drop-off

You may check in conveniently for your Lufthansa flight as early as 23 hours before departure, either from your PC or via your smartphone. Alternatively, you can use the check-in machines once you arrive at the airport. Take your baggage on to the train with you and check it in at one of the Lufthansa bag drop-off counters at the airport.

Rebooking and refunds

  • For an online booking with a Rail&Fly ticket, the confirmation e-mail and related link will be sent to you immediately. In case of a rebooking of your flight, the online Rail&Fly ticket remains valid as long as your new travel dates lie within the period of validity printed on the ticket.
  • If you wish to rebook your flight, you must do so through the Lufthansa Call Center. The center will then rebook the corresponding Rail&Fly ticket. Rebooking online is not possible.
  • Unfortunately, Rail&Fly tickets are non-refundable.