Lufthansa Express Bus

Travel quickly and comfortably to the airport with Lufthansa Express Bus and enjoy a great start to your trip.

Geschäftsmann reist mit Lufthansa Express Bus // Business man travelling with Lufthansa Express Bus

Experience a mode of transport to and from Strasbourg that is coordinated exactly with the flight connections at our Frankfurt hub. Thanks to appropriately timed services and minimal transfer times you can easily catch your flights. Check in for both your bus trip and your flight in advance and use the AIRail terminal at Frankfurt Airport long-distance train station for your baggage drop-off.

You can book tickets for the Lufthansa Express Bus directly online at, just as you would a Lufthansa flight. Or you can also book the Lufthansa Express Bus via a Lufthansa agency.

There follows a video about the Lufthansa Express Bus.

Important advice for your journey with Lufthansa Express Bus

  • Check in online or via your mobile between 23 hours and 15 minutes before departure
  • One boarding pass each for Lufthansa Express Bus and your connecting flight
  • Your boarding pass serves as your ticket
  • Travel is only possible with a ticket booked and paid for in advance – tickets cannot be bought on the bus.
  • Bag drop-off and reclaim in the AIRail terminal at Frankfurt Airport
  • Credit of Miles & More award and status miles

By booking a Lufthansa Express Bus, you agree to be bound by these conditions of carriage. Please read these before booking:

Departure and arrival times

You can find information about departure and arrival times in the Lufthansa timetable.

Check-in, baggage and customs clearance

At Frankfurt Airport, you are welcome to use the bag drop-off options in the AIRail terminal at the long-distance train station and in Departures Halls A and B.

Lufthansa baggage regulations apply to all Lufthansa Express Bus connections. The free baggage allowance complies with the baggage regulations of your connecting flight.

After landing in Frankfurt, your baggage* will automatically be taken to the AIRail terminal (Lufthansa Express Rail baggage reclaim at the long-distance train station). Customs checks also take place here. When you have claimed your baggage, please follow the signs to the Lufthansa bus platform on Squaire West. Because of customs regulations, baggage may not be transported automatically straight to the bus or train.

* Only if your baggage has been checked through to XER (Strasbourg) by the previous airport.
XER is on the bag tag.

Bus information

The Lufthansa Express Bus fleet consists of first-class, four-star-category coaches. All are fitted with a free Wi-Fi connection.