What should I be aware of when flying with small children?

It’s great that you are planning to take your next flight with your child. We’d like to give you a few important tips and make some suggestions on how you can prepare for your time on board with us.

Important information about flying with small children

  • Infants under two years of age can travel on the lap of an accompanying adult. In this instance, flight attendants will give the adult a safety belt for the child before take-off. The child can also travel on a separate seat. If this is the case, the child must be secured by a child restraint system that the adult must bring on board with them.
  • Take a little something with you for your child to eat on the flight. We do, of course, provide snacks for our youngest passengers on board, but nothing can replace their usual favourite food.
  • The differing temperature conditions at your departure airport, on board (air conditioning) and at your destination can best be dealt with by creating a so-called ‘onion outfit’: dress your child in several layers of clothing which can then be taken off and put back on again as required.
  • Think about thick socks as well. As your child’s feet might swell a little at flight altitude, we recommend that you remove their shoes on board.
  • Meals that are suitable for children aged two and over can be ordered separately when you book your flight.