Lufthansa Flight Value Voucher

You have already converted your ticket1 into a Flight Value Voucher? Then book your new trip via and enter the code of your Flight Value Voucher on the payment details page.

1 Booking date of up to May 15th 2020 and a place of departure within the EU (except Greece, Bulgaria and Slovakia), Switzerland, the United Kingdom or USA

New registrations for the Lufthansa Flight Value Voucher are no longer possible. Please inform yourself about our flexible rebooking options under the following link.

This is how you redeem your Flight Value Voucher


Open the confirmation link you receive by email and log into your profile or Miles & More user profile on the Flight Value Voucher portal.


Download your Flight Value Voucher as a PDF. You can also view the voucher at any time via the portal. 


Book your new trips via Enter the code of your Flight Value Voucher on the payment details page.

Please note

  • The Flight Value Voucher must be redeemed within three years, calculated from the end of the year in which your flight was cancelled. The validity of earlier Discount Vouchers is not extended.  
  • To make a new booking with the Flight Value Voucher, the departure location must be in the same country as the departure location of the original ticket.
  • Bookings with a Flight Value Voucher must be redeemed online.
  • You need an Lufthansa profile. If you do not yet have one yet, please create a user profile by clicking "Log in" in the top right and then the link "Register now".

Frequently Asked Questions about Flight Value Vouchers

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