The trusted Lufthansa sepcial service for children travelling alone ensures that more than 70,000 children every year are given the best possible care both before their flight and after landing. Lufthansa personnel will look after your child’s welfare, supervise them throughout the entire flight and ensure that they are safely handed over to the person collecting them at the destination airport.

We have put together plenty of information for you on this page relating to ‘travelling alone’. If you have any further questions, please contact your travel agent or call the Lufthansa Service Centre. Our practical Checklist for unaccompanied children will be particularly helpful to you in preparing for your child’s journey.


The best of care even before departure

The Lufthansa service counters are the first point of contact for you and your child as soon as you have arrived at the airport. Your child is now in the best hands and will be well looked after from the check-in counter until he or she boards the aircraft. As the parent or guardian, you will need to remain at the airport until the aircraft has actually taken off. This is to ensure that, should the flight be cancelled, you are there to look after your child again.

A number of airports also offer you the option of accompanying your child right up to the departure gate. Please enquire about this at a Lufthansa service counter at the airport. For departures from U.S. airports, Lufthansa can issue you with a so-called ‘gate pass’ on presentation of a valid passport and after clearance by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Take advantage of this great opportunity to accompany your child all the way to boarding. Please note that this service is only offered at certain airports. You will be able to find out quickly and easily at all Lufthansa check-in and ticket counters whether this option also exists at your airport.


Dedicated check-in counters at Frankfurt and Munich

In Departure Hall B at Frankfurt Airport Lufthansa provides a dedicated check-in counter for children who will be travelling alone and their parents. At Munich Airport, counter 432 in the Departure Hall on Level 4 serves the same purpose.


Fun and games in the special service rooms at Frankfurt and Munich

At Frankfurt and Munich airports, specially equipped supervised rooms are available for unaccompanied children. Here the time before boarding will simply fly by! Painting corners, children’s cinema, Nintendo games consoles and loads of toys ensure there is no chance of getting bored.


Welcome on board!

Your child will be welcomed on board the aircraft by a flight attendant and looked after throughout the flight. He or she will be seated close to the flight attendants so that they can be on hand immediately if your child has any questions or concerns. Thanks to toys, crayons and colouring books and a special children’s entertainment programme, your child’s time on board will simply fly by.

Our special children’s menus are lovingly served, healthy and delicious. These menus can be ordered up to 24 hours before departure online or by calling the Lufthansa Service Centre on: +49 (0)69 696 799 799.

If your child has to transfer, he or she will be met at the transit airport by a Lufthansa member of staff and taken to the departure gate for the connecting flight.


The best of care – after landing too, of course

At the destination airport, the flight crew will hand your child over to a member of staff who will then take them to meet the person collecting them from the airport.

Before entrusting your child to the person collecting them, the Lufthansa employee will check that person’s identity by asking to see a valid ID card and comparing it with the details given at the departure airport. Please let the person collecting your child know that they must have a means of identification with them. Even when flights are delayed, your child will, of course, be very well looked after with Lufthansa. We will telephone you as the parent as well as the person who is authorised to collect your child to inform you of relevant delays and the new arrival time of the flight so that there is no unnecessary waiting around at the airport.

At Frankfurt Airport you can collect your child from the Lufthansa support service which is located in the corridor between Departure Halls A and B in Terminal 1; in Munich it is before the exit to Baggage Reclaim.