Premium Economy Class – food and beverages

The special selection of food and beverages makes your journey in Premium Economy Class a delight. You are welcomed on board with the menu. A bottle of mineral water is already waiting for you at your seat.

Here’s to you

A specially selected red wine or a refreshing fruit juice, sparkling wine or Selters mineral water, tea or coffee – whatever you would like. With our selection of free beverages we keep a wide choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available for you.

Dinner is served – the main courses

From the cuisines of Europe

‘Bon appétit’, ‘buon appetito’, enjoy your meal! For your first meal with us on board we serve you authentic classics from the cuisines of Central Europe. Look forward to dishes carefully prepared to the original recipe.

Service and indulgence on long routes

A good start to your day

On flights lasting at least 6.5 hours, we serve you dinner or, as shown in the picture, breakfast as your second meal. On flights lasting more than 9 hours, we serve a hot dish, such as an omelette. This is always accompanied by freshly baked bread rolls.

How about a snack?

On flights lasting less than 6.5 hours, instead of the second meal we offer you a little snack, such as a delicious wrap, for example.

The crowning glory

Look forward to creative desserts that provide a sweet ending to every good meal. Fruity, creamy or crispy – they make travelling a delight.