General advice about entry requirements

It is each passenger’s responsibility to find out about current entry and exit regulations and to take the required documents with them. Lufthansa accepts no responsibility for this. Passengers are also obliged to obtain all the necessary travel documents and visas for themselves and their children as well as to comply with all the regulations of the countries that they will be flying over, to or from.

The following options provide information about entry requirements for the respective destination countries:

  • For all passengers worldwide: It is possible to enquire about entry requirements at the embassy or consulate of the destination country in question.
  • For German citizens on the pages of the Federal Foreign Office
    Please note that visa, transit and entry requirements are specific to each country and can change at short notice.

Country-specific entry requirements

In the current situation, the entry regulations for various destinations can change at short notice. To make sure you’re well briefed, you will find the latest information for your destination here.

Entry within Schengen

The Schengen Agreement governs the free movement of people within the European member states. This means that regular border controls do not apply.

However, travellers (including children and infants) within the Schengen zone must be able to show proof of identity at any time in accordance with applicable legislation and must carry relevant travel documents (e.g. ID card or passport) with them for this purpose.

A driver’s licence, bank and credit cards or similar documents are not accepted as valid travel documents or as proof of identity.

You can find further information about the Schengen countries on the information page of the German Federal Foreign Office.

Entry into the USA

You can find more information about the regulations as well as data collection and transfer for entering into the USA here:

Country-specific regulations for travelling with children

In some countries, specific regulations apply to under-age children (minors) entering or leaving the country who are either travelling alone or who are accompanied by an adult with or without parental authority.

Find out which documents are necessary for your journey, otherwise entry or exit may be refused.

UK Air Passenger Duty (APD)

Exemptions and refund

UK Air passenger Duty (APD) has been abolished for children aged 2 to 11 years when travelling in Economy class, on all flights departing from UK airports on or since 1 May 2015. In addition to this, UK Air Passenger Duty has been abolished for young persons aged between 12 and 15 years when travelling in Economy Class, on all flights departing the UK since 1 March 2016.

APD still applies to all bookings in Business and First Class. Our website displays the correct APD for young persons aged 12 to 15 years travelling in Economy class since 1 March 2016.

Transferring passenger and passport data for certain countries

Airlines are obliged to transfer additional passenger and passport data to some authorities in the destination country. Passenger data is transferred on the day of departure. Correct and complete information saves you any inconvenience at your destination airport. Therefore your data will be collected either when you make your reservation or at check-in at the latest.

You can save your passport details at any time via the following link:

Electronic travel permit

A visa is necessary for entry to many countries. Several countries, e.g. the USA, Canada and India, offer an electronic travel permit for certain nationalities that simplifies entry.

The electronic travel permit must be applied for and authorised before the start of the journey; a permit can last up to 72 hours in particular countries.

Below you will find links for a few selected Lufthansa destinations:

* Lufthansa makes every effort to provide you with the latest information at all times; however the entry processes are not within Lufthansa’s control. As entry regulations are constantly changing in individual countries, Lufthansa accepts no liability for the validity of the information provided.