FlyNet® on board

Rethinking air travel.

Lufthansa FlyNet® on-board Internet offers you an abundance of new possibilities, whether you wish to use your time for working or for some relaxed surfing.

Continuous access to the FlyNet® service

Simply connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop via Wi-Fi to the FlyNet® network and get started. FlyNet® is now available on an ever increasing number of flights within Europe and to and from North Africa and the Middle East. The FlyNet® portal is available throughout the entire flight and you can use all of its functions free of charge: from flight- and destination-related information to Lufthansa services such as check-in for your connecting flight right up to Miles & More services, shopping in Lufthansa WorldShop and many more. In addition, Lufthansa offers you a number of different tariffs with which you can use the full extent of the powerful FlyNet® Internet access as soon as the aircraft has reached cruising altitude.

Experience limitless communication

Send your precise arrival time to your family on WhatsApp, email your colleagues or search online for a gift for your parents. With Lufthansa FlyNet® your communication options are simply limitless.

FlyNet® on short and medium-haul flights

Lufthansa now offers the new and powerful FlyNet® on more and more flights within Europe and to and from North Africa and the Middle East.

FlyNet® on long-haul flights

Whether you have to send work-related emails or simply want to chat with your family by Messenger – with FlyNet® you can enjoy broadband Internet even above the clouds.

All the benefits at a glance

Whether you want to surf for fun or would prefer to spend your time on board working, Lufthansa FlyNet® creates the ideal conditions for you.

FlyNet® Internet access on board

  • Stay connected with friends, family and colleagues
  • Send emails with file attachments
  • Surf quickly and securely
  • Access your company's Virtual Private Network (VPN)