Lufthansa Airbus A350

Welcome to the world’s most modern long-haul aircraft

A350 Air to Air Rendering

Enjoy the most modern Lufthansa product in all travel classes on board: more comfort, a sense of spaciousness, a new lighting concept and digital innovations.

The Airbus A350 is the world’s most modern and environmentally friendly long-haul aircraft. Thanks to advanced engines, ultramodern materials and an aerodynamic design, it uses 25 per cent less aircraft fuel and produces a noise footprint that is up to 50 per cent smaller than that of comparable aircraft types. Passengers in all travel classes experience the most up-to-date Lufthansa in-flight service.

Designed for comfortable travel

The wide cabin creates a sense of spaciousness on board. Economy Class passengers enjoy new seats that offer them a special travel experience thanks to ergonomically shaped seat cushions, comfortable headrests and additional storage space above the table. Business Class and Premium Economy Class offer even greater comfort with wider seats.

In Business Class our extensive in-flight catering service has now been enhanced by the addition of a self-service area. So passengers can help themselves to snacks and refreshments at any time between meals.

Business reisende an der Self-Service Unit in der Business Class im A350 // Female business traveler using the self.service-unit in the Business Class of the Airbus A350

Relaxed travel makes for a relaxed arrival

An innovative lighting concept adjusts the cabin lighting to passengers’ biorhythms and creates an additional sense of well-being on board. Especially quiet engines and a pleasant cabin pressure ensure that passengers arrive at their destination feeling rested and relaxed.

Economy Class A350

The Lufthansa Entertainment app – your companion for in-flight entertainment

With the Lufthansa Entertainment app, you can choose your favourite music or the latest blockbuster in advance at home, and enjoy it as soon as you’ve taken your seat on board.

Experience first-class entertainment on board

Whether it’s broadband Internet on board, the latest blockbusters or sporting highlights: enjoy our comprehensive range of on-board entertainment.