Tasting HEIMAT – discover the taste of Germany

Heimat—that’s what people in Germany call the place where they feel at home. But what does home actually taste like? Very diverse—at least in Germany. Discover the culinary roots of five German cities on the Business Class menus, and treat yourself to the varied taste of regional dishes.

Five unique local cuisines

Dennis Puchert and Julia Komp have familiarized themselves with local cuisine and its special traditions in five German regions. With an eye for the essential and a great love of detail, they have created menus that interpret the taste of home in a completely new way.

From the soil into the air

The menus’ ingredients come from local regions. Harvested from German fields and processed by local producers, they are prepared fresh daily and served on board. So you can enjoy the authentic taste of home as you travel out into the world.

The taste of home made by hand

Nothing characterizes Germany’s food culture as much as our bread, over 300 varieties of which have even been recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage. That’s why we’re offer a varying assortment of different types of freshly baked goods to go with our menus.

Sustainable origin

In cooperation with our catering partner Gategroup, we obtain our products only from regional partners whenever possible. When sourcing ingredients, we also attach great importance to sustainable supply chains with short transport routes.

The five hometowns of the new menus


In the fields around their city, the people of Frankfurt harvest the most important ingredients of their home cuisine: the seven herbs that go into their famous Green Sauce. In addition to borage, chervil, cress, and parsley, every “Frankfurt Grie Soß” also includes sorrel, salad burnet, and chives. On board, you can enjoy a take on this classic dish, served with young kale, a poached egg, and chive sauce—Frankfurt style.

Frankfurt neue Altstadt reconstructbed old town; Shutterstock ID 1119928268; Auftragsnummer: -; Kunde/Lizenznehmer: -


Bavarian dishes such as Obatzda, red onions, and meat salad, among other things, are hearty! So even above the clouds it tastes as if the ingredients came directly from the famous Viktualienmarkt in Munich’s old town. By the way, you can visit the market every day to discover even more Bavarian delicacies. We wish you “An Guadn!”


From dinner overlooking the Elbe to the fish market, Hamburg’s cuisine is all about seafaring. No wonder, because there’s always a salty breeze blowing from the sea in this city. You can also feel a hint of it on board, when we serve you an appetizer of beetroot and potato terrine with smoked salmon trout, for example. Tastes like it’s fresh from the coast!


There’s a lighthouse in this city, several hundred kilometers from the sea, and house number 4711 is probably the most famous in the world: Cologne is already something special. This is also reflected in its cuisine. If you order the “Halven Hahn,” for example, you won’t get half a chicken, but a rye roll with cheese. You can also enjoy culinary surprises on board—for example, Rhenish sauerbraten with mashed potatoes and broccoli.


North German rustic—that’s a good description of Bremen’s cuisine. Potato soup, cabbage, and spelt, the smoked wholegrain sausage typical of the region and, of course, Bremer Labskaus, made from beef and mashed potatoes. For centuries Bremen’s Ratskeller has been famous for this hearty cuisine. On board, we’ve got a lighter version for you—enjoy a classic brisket served with horseradish sauce and roasted new potatoes with nut butter.

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