Lufthansa PTC

We are also setting the standards in patient transportation: the Lufthansa Patient Transportation Compartment (PTC) combines state-of-the-art technology, skilled specialists and efficient processes with the comfort and safety of a self-contained intensive care unit – all at an altitude of 32,000 feet.

PTC __ Patient Transport Compartment

The world’s unique intensive care unit on long-haul flights

There are many good reasons to choose the PTC:

  • Lots of space to enable the best medical care
  • Support with the formalities and transport coordination
  • Up to 50 per cent time-saving by using the PTC on scheduled flights
  • Availability of the PTC is checked within 30 minutes
  • The patient's fitness for transport is checked before the full PTC costs are incurred
  • Much lower costs by comparison with normal air ambulances

Flight time and route network

Fly directly to destinations worldwide
In an emergency, every minute counts in patient transportation. That is why Lufthansa, as the only airline to do so, offers the PTC solely on scheduled flights which make no stopovers, such as for refuelling.

Time comparison between PTC and air ambulance
Compared with air ambulances, the flight with the Lufthansa PTC is up to 50 per cent shorter – which makes things much easier for the intensive care patient and the medical personnel. The following table shows a typical example.

The PTC route network

The PTC is employed to and from Frankfurt across the entire Lufthansa intercontinental network and is therefore always just where it’s needed. The entire process of transporting the patient home is completed within just three days: from the arrival of your doctor and our PTC escort at the departure destination to installing the PTC on board and transporting the patient to their homeland.

  Lufthansa PTC Air ambulance
Departure Miami (USA) Miami (USA)
Stopover none Richmond
Goose Bay Keflavik
Destination Frankfurt/Main Frankfurt/Main
Flight time 8 hours 45 minutes 14 hours