Flying Reporter: Flying in Unprecedented Times

Lufthansa Group employee, Bastian, is airborne again – and looking forward to a new beginning. Join him: from the airport to the landing.

Part 7: Meet the Crew

Corona has changed the way we fly - for the passengers but also for the crew.

Lufthansa Group employee Bastian accompanies Purser Frauke and her team at work - from briefing to landing. He gets an insight into the new day-to-day work routine of our flight attendants as well as current measures and rules, and also learns news about the modified service concept on board.

Bastian also takes a look behind the scenes of the aircraft cleaning. Hannes Mühleck, Operational Cabin Cleaning, explains the hygiene and cleaning concept on board at Lufthansa.

Video: Meet the Crew

Part 6: Connecting flights during Covid-19

Bastian, who works for the Lufthansa Group, is travelling from Copenhagen to Madrid with a connecting flight in Frankfurt.

What do you need to know about connecting flights in times of the Covid-19 pandemic? Any new procedures to follow? Hub Duty Manager Benjamin Kahl explains the changes and shares a few practical tips to boot.

During his layover at Frankfurt Airport, Bastian gives us a look at which lounges are open and shows other ways to pass the time at the airport.

Video: Connecting flights during Covid-19

Part 5: Flying in a new era

In the 5th episode, Flying Reporter and Lufthansa Group employee Bastian asks guests at Frankfurt Airport where the journey will take them and how they experience flying in times of Corona.

Whether families or single travellers, rather inexperienced passengers or frequent flyers - Flying Reporter Bastian met them all at Frankfurt Airport and asked them about their expectations, experiences and tips on flying in the current era.

How did they prepare for the flight, where did they get information? How do you feel about flying with a mask? What was the mood on board, what was different from usual? And in general: Why do they fly with Lufthansa?

Video: Flying in a new era

Part 4: At the Coronavirus rapid test 

Our Flying Reporter Bastian took the Corona quick test in the testing center at Frankfurt airport. It is mandatory when travelling to some countries and the result is available online. Join him at the airport to find out how easy the test is!

Video: At the Coronavirus rapid test

Part 3: Arrival

In this episode, Bastian shows you how he arrived at his demonstrative destination in Milan and how you too can best prepare for your flight, arrival, and time there. Joining him: Marilena Cunsolo, Marketing & Product Manager Lufthansa Italy, who explains the current hygiene measures at the airport and shares exclusive tips for an unforgettable time in Milan. Lufthansa Group Product Manager Kai Peters is also on board and explains in Part 3 of our series how the "Bring me Home" guarantee offers you additional security for your return journey.

Come aboard with us!

Video: Arrival

Part 2: All Aboard!

Hygiene measures have become an essential protective instrument for guests and crews on board Lufthansa flights. But what exactly has changed for travelers? In the video Bastian explains what you can expect as a guest, how the crew deals with social distancing, and why flights can still be relaxing. Our experts Kirsten Winter (Lufthansa Cabin Air Quality) and Volker Scheible (Lufthansa Product & Processes Cabin) will give relevant insights about cabin air circulation and updates in our board service concept.

Video: All Aboard!

Part 1: From check-in counter to the gate

The past few months have brought about a lot of changes – especially in terms of travel. What does air travel look like now anyway? In this video, Bastian shows you what measures are taking effect at airports, what is different than before, and how flying feels for passengers now – from checking in baggage to boarding the plane. Our expert Björn Becker explains in detail which services on the ground ensure (almost) contact-free travel and your safety.

Come aboard with us!

Video: From check-in counter to the gate

Travel and Corona

It’s time to be reunited with the world. This page will show you the destinations that Lufthansa is already flying to again, the hygiene measures we have introduced and what you can do to travel safely and flexibly.

Current destinations

Our map of the world shows our current flight destinations and related offers.


Your safety is our top priority. That is why you will find the most important information about your travel planning here.