Entering Germany

Updated quarantine regulations for travellers entering Germany from a risk area

Since 8 November 2020, updated regulations concerning the quarantine and/or testing obligation for returnees from foreign corona risk areas have been in place. The quarantine period has been reduced from 14 to 10 days. It applies to all people entering Germany who, before entering, were in a region or country classified as a risk area by the Robert Koch Institute.

Entry from a risk area

When entering Germany from a risk area, a 10-day quarantine is compulsory. However, this 10-day quarantine can be shortened and certain groups are exempt from it. You are also obliged to fill in the so-called "Digital Registration on Entry" form before returning to Germany. Passengers find the form on the web page.

Shortening the quarantine period

If you are not subjected to an exception, there is the possibility of having a corona test carried out on the fifth day after entry at the earliest – a negative result then leads to the premature termination of the quarantine. Even if the test result is negative, if Covid-19 shows typical symptoms within ten days after entry, returnees must inform their competent authority and carry out another test.

Exemption from the quarantine obligation

Certain groups of persons (e.g. business travellers with a stay of up to 5 days) can be exempted from the quarantine obligation under certain conditions by a negative test result. Test centres are available in Frankfurt, Munich and many other German airports for a free test upon entry (this applies to tests within 72 hours after entry).

Please note

If, despite a negative test result, the typical symptoms of an infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus such as fever, dry cough and loss of sense of taste or smell occur within 10 days after entry, you are obliged to inform your responsible authority.

Business Travellers

Conditions Exemption
  • Stay of up to 5 days in the risk area or in Germany, respectively
  • Certificate proving necessity and urgency of the stay (employer or educational institution)
  • Negative test result was determined no earlier than 48 hours prior to entry or max. 72 hours after entry.
No quarantine or DEA requirement if the Covid-19 test* is negative
* Antigen or PCR-Test; Tests are free of charge up to 72 hours after arrival.

Family Visitors

(visit first/second degree relatives; exercise custody/right of access; fulfill assistance or care)

Conditions Exemption
  • Stay in Germany for more than 72 hours
No quarantine or DEA requirement for an unlimited period if the Covid-19 test* is negative
  • Stay in Germany for less than 72 hours
  • The family visit may have to be proven on inquiry of authorities
No quarantine or DEA requirement, no test requirement
* Antigen or PCR-Test; Tests are free of charge up to 72 hours after arrival.


No quarantine or DEA requirement, no test requirement:

Persons Conditions
Cross-Border Commuters*
  • Residence or place of work, studies or training in Germany or in the risk area
  • Absolutely necessary commuting between home and risk area due to job, studies, training 
  • Regular return to the place of residence, at least once a week
  • In compliance with appropriate protection and hygiene concepts
  • Permission may have to be proven upon request of authorities
Crews / operational transport personnel
  • Stay in the risk area for less than 72 hours
Transfer Travelers
  • After landing, continuing journey to another country directly and as quickly as possible, without (overnight) stay in Germany
Border Traffic
  • People traveling on border for up to 24 hours
* Exception Bavaria: cross-border commuters must submit a negative Covid-19 test every week. Antigen or PCR-Test; Tests are free of charge up to 72 hours after arrival.

All information provided without guarantee. The respective valid regulation of the federal state in which the traveller has his residence or in which he is staying in Germany is decisive.

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