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Argentinien, Buenos Aires, Puerto Madero: Blick auf das Hafenviertel in Buenos Aires, Argentinien. Blick auf Puerto Madero und die Fregatte ARA Presidente Sarmiento (1898-Nationales historisches Denkmal Argentiniens), das als Museumsschiff vertäut ist.  // Argentina, Buenos Aires, Puerto Madero: Waterfront district view in Buenos Aires, Argentina. View of Puerto Madero on Frigate ARA Presidente Sarmiento (1898 - National Historic Monument of Argentina), moored as museum ship.

Are you planning your holiday or stay and still looking for the right flight? Then you can now benefit from our Promotion for Business Class Flights around the World.

From October 2019 on, you can fly to for example Asia from as little as 1399 EUR. We currently have Special Offers to exciting Destinations in South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, where you can find some of the best and most exciting holiday destinations. Explore the history and culture or discover the country’s cuisine.

Whether it’s a business trip or holiday – when you plan in advance, you’re guaranteed to find the best-value flights for your trip. Lean back on your flight and enjoy the exclusive in-flight meal and spoil yourself with the state-of-the-art entertainment.


Visit the Middle East, South America, Africa and Asia

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Benefit from our Special Offers until October 14th

Origin Destination Price in EUR from*
Sao Paolo 1999
Kiev Rio de Janeiro 1999
Kiev Bogota 1599
Kiev Buenos Aires 1999
Kiev Santiago 1999
Kiev Johannesburg 1699
Kiev Capetown 1699
Kiev Nairobi 1149
Kiev Addis Ababa 1149
Kiev Dubai 1099
Kiev Tel Aviv 399
Kiev Bangkok 1499
Kiev Singapore 1599
Kiev Hongkong 1399
Kiev Beijing 1499
Kiev Shanghai 1599
Kiev Phuket 1699
Kiev Ho Chi Minh City 1699
Kiev Seoul 1599
Kiev Jeddah 1149
Kiev Riyadh 1149
Kiev Dammam 1149
Kiev Kuwait 1149
Kiev Bahrain 1149
Lufthansa Destination: Thailand, Bangkok
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