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Searching for a holiday destination that is far off the well-trodden path of mass tourism? What about the biggest country in the world? From Central Europe to the coast of the Pacific by train, or from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea by Riverboat, from the frozen landscapes of Siberia to the sunny climate of Sochi at the Black Sea, Russia has it all. The sheer size of Russia is awe-inspiring, and for the adventurous traveler it has a lifetime of new experiences to offer.

On every visitors plan should be St. Petersburg and Moscow. The former and the current capital of Russia have a lot of world-famous sights. In St. Petersburg, once founded by Czar Peter the Great to connect Russia with Western Europe, you will find one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The world famous museum Hermitage, the Winter Palace or the Smolny Convent are places to see. In the summer, you can experience the famous white nights, where the sun never really sets behind the horizon. In Moscow, the Kreml and the Red Square are central to any visit. But you will also marvel at the luxury of the underground stations, built in the early Soviet Union as cathedrals to the public transport system. A visit to the famous Bolschoi Ballet is a great idea for a night out. From Moscow you can travel by train all the way to Beijing or to the pacific coast town Vladiwostok with the world famous Trans-Siberian Railway, the longest railway track by far in the world. You can even book a ferry to bring you to Japan. On the way you will see the heart of Russia, the endless Taiga and Tundra of Siberia, the Caucasian Mountains and Mongolian steppes. Lake Baikal is on the way, too, the biggest and oldest lake in the world. Cities like Tomsk, Krasnojarsk, Jekaterinburg and Irkutsk are some of the stops in outer Siberia.

An even more relaxed way to explore Russia is by river cruise. Especially down the Don and Volga River there are regular cruises from St. Petersburg and Moscow. Explore the so-called Golden Ring of old Russian towns on the way down the river, and further down the Volga there are cities like Nishni Novgorod, Kazan, Samara or Wolgograd waiting to be explored. Depending on the River you can end up at the shores of the Black Sea or the Caspian Sea. A new trend are adventure travels to far eastern regions like the Kamchatka peninsula. With 160 Volcanoes, 29 of them active, the area is larger than France and developed more than 20 climate zones. Other adventurous trips could be a skiing tour over the Caucasus and a horseback riding tour through the steppes of Tuva.

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