Lufthansa Charter

Do you require a personalised flight connection that isn’t available in the regular Lufthansa Group network? With Lufthansa Charter we offer a solution customised to your requirements, e.g. for your company, club or event.

In principle we have the option of accessing the entire Lufthansa fleet for your request. This enables us to offer a wide range of routes and group sizes. You will find more information about our aircraft ​on our fleet page.

Our Charter team will prepare a detailed offer for you upon request and will inform you about specific availability. Please use our enquiry form for this purpose.

Your benefits

Personalised flight connections

Set a departure time that fits your plans and a destination as close as possible to your intended location.

Expanded services

Feel free to contact us if you have specific requests in terms of our on-board services and special offers on the ground.

Personalised experience

We are always open to hearing your ideas in order to make your flight a unique experience. We will be happy to discuss these ideas with you further as part of our offer.

Flight information

Please note that aircraft in the Lufthansa fleet are primarily available at Frankfurt and Munich Airports, depending on the flight schedule. However, we can also provide flights at other airports as part of your flight.


Additional information

Use this field if you have further requests for your personalised trip.


Contact details

Please provide your contact details so that we can send you a personalised offer.


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Group travel

You can enquire about travel for groups of ten people or more on and book the best possible price.