A relaxation exercise against the travel stress
Position yourself comfortably in your seat, lay your hands loosely on your belly and breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose. When breathing out again through mouth and nose watch how your belly bulges out noticeably. With this conscious breathing techniques you will do your body a lot of good as you provide him with an extra portion of oxygen and new energy.

A trick to relax your eyes
Sit comfortably, rub your hands together to warm your palms, and then place them over your closed eyes to shut out all light. Now take a deep breath and think of a pleasant situation - after three minutes you will have gathered fresh strength.

A special treat for your face
With your fingertips, put light pressure on your forehead whilst tapping your skin softly. Work yourself slowly over the rest of your face and enjoy the relaxing effect.

Relaxation for your feet
It is best to take off your shoes as soon as you have boarded and settled into your seat. Feet often swell at high altitudes, and tight shoes hurt them.

For a vitalizing foot massage lift up one foot, placing it best of all on your seat, and begin to move each toe individually. Then massage the whole foot by placing both thumbs on the back of your foot and slowly drawing your hands outward and upward. Do the same with your other foot, and then feel how the relaxing effect starts to work.



Relief for the neck
Take a cushion for your neck on board with you. This prevents shoulder and neck pain!

Relief for the back
Simply place a cushion behind your back. This relieves the pressure on your spinal discs and prevents backache!

Comforting warmth
Ask a flight attendant to give you a blanket before you go to sleep so that the air-conditioning won’t make you feel cold and disturb your pleasant dreams.

Rest your eyes
A sleeping mask (available at chemists) protects your eyes from bright light. In our First and Business Class, a mask is included in the Amenity Kit we give you on all long-haul flights. It contains all the important care accessories for your flight.


Ordering special meals

Lufthansa offers on all long haul and selected Inner-European flights 16 different special meals. These need to be ordered by the passenger when making his flight reservation (at least 24 hours before the flight or no later than 48 hours for tour groups). You have the opportunity to order a special meal through your travel agent or online under My Bookings. There will be no additional costs for the passenger for this service.

We differentiate the special meals based on special diets, alimentary-physiological and religious reasons.

To the first group belong dietary meals like diabetic, gluten-free, low-cholesterol, low-purine, low-protein, low-sodium, lactose-free and low-calorie food.

To the special alimentary-physiological meals count all vegetarian meals as well as fruit, light whole foods.

Moreover Lufthansa offers kosher food as well as meals suitable for Hindus and Moslems.

More information on our special meals


Seminars for a relaxed flight

Seminars for a relaxed flightSo that you can feel relaxed when you take off, we show you what may be causing your fear of flying and what the symptoms may be. We also tell you what you can do to ensure you enjoy a relaxing flight.

Seminars for a relaxed flight

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