Planning a trip with children

Even before your holiday begins, you can make a number of preparations that will enable your whole family to enjoy a relaxed start to the holiday.

Important information about flying with children

EU regulations state that every child must have his or her own travel document with a photograph. Unfortunately, including children on your passport is not valid, irrespective of the children’s ages. If your children are not yet in possession of child passports, passports or ID cards, we recommend that you apply for them as soon as possible.

When booking your flight, please state the ages of your children, as the respective fares will be based on this. Lufthansa differentiates between two types of children’s fare:

  • Infant fare: Babies (0-2 years) who do not occupy a seat travel free on German domestic flights and for 10 per cent of the regular fare on all other routes.
  • Child fare: Children aged between 2 and 11 years (up to their 12th birthday) must occupy their own seat and travel for 75 per cent of the regular price of the flight on most routes and on almost all fares. Please note that babies who turn 2 years old during the flight will be required to occupy their own seat and will be charged the child fare.

Country-specific travel regulations

It is each passenger’s responsibility to find out about current entry and exit regulations and to take the required documents with them. Lufthansa accepts no responsibility in these circumstances.

You are responsible for obtaining all the required travel documents and visas for your journey for yourself and your children and for complying with all the rules of the countries from, to or over which you will be flying. The same applies to our regulations and instructions in this respect.

Advance seat reservation for the family

On a long-haul flight, it is particularly important that the whole family sits together and that your children can sit in their favourite seats, for example by the window or near the lavatories.

So we recommend that you reserve your seats in advance when you make your flight booking. Economy Class passengers can reserve seats on all flights operated by Lufthansa and Lufthansa Regional for a fee, depending on the selected fare or booking class.