Additional services for Europe fares

On European flights, if these services are not already included in your chosen fare, you can check in a piece of baggage or reserve the seat you want for a fee.

Additional services you can book for your Economy fares on European flights

Economy Light fareEconomy Classic
Economy Flex
Price for the first baggage item weighing up to 23 kg1Routes within Germany:
EUR 15 / USD 16 online at lufthansa.com2
EUR 30 / USD 35 at the ticket sales and check-in counters

Routes within Europe:
EUR 25 / USD 27 online at lufthansa.com2
EUR 40 / USD 44 at the ticket sales and check-in counters
Advance seat reservation and seat with more legroom3You can find the current prices in the conditions for advance seat reservations.4
Upgrade to Business Class3Route-dependentRoute-dependentRoute-dependent

1 Price per route. The outbound and the return flight each count as a route, even if a connection is involved.

2 The prices quoted apply to purchases via Prices may vary for bookings made through other channels.
Please note that the charge for the first piece of baggage on the Light fare is not refundable. If you bring a larger or heavier piece of baggage with you than you specified when booking your Light fare, the flat rates for excess baggage will also be charged in this case. You can find the flat rates for additional and excess baggage in our baggage calculator.

3 Price per route segment. For connections each individual flight segment counts as a route section.

4 The price for a seat with more legroom varies according to length of route.

You can book all the additional options online via "My bookings".