Lufthansa Airbus A380

The A380 flies again – from Bangkok to Munich

A380 flying

Welcome back, A380

The Lufthansa A380 is returning to the skies. Enjoy a special travel experience on board the A380, starting October 29 from Bangkok to Munich. As well as Bangkok, the A380 will also operate to Boston, New York and Los Angeles.

Flight NumberRouteDeparture
LH773Bangkok to Munich23:4005:50 +1
LH772Munich to Bangkok22:2014:55 +1

Simply impressive

The Airbus A380 embodies a unique feeling of space. And this giant offers plenty of it. With its main deck, upper deck, and its breathtaking dimensions, the “superjumbo,” as some fans call it, can fly 509 Lufthansa passengers to their dream destination.

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To the seating plans of the Airbus A380-800

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Munich is a stunning city full of varied architecture with Baroque, Roman and Gothic influences. There's also plenty of green space in many of the city parks. Starting October 29, 2023, the A380 will be flying daily from Bangkok to Munich with flight number LH773. The return flight, from Munich to Bangkok, will be flying daily with flight number LH772.

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