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Lufthansa Airport Buses

Enjoy comfort with the usual Lufthansa quality. For no matter which airline you are flying with, you can travel comfortably to and from the airport with the Lufthansa Airport Bus or the shuttle services operated by our cooperation partners.

Thanks to appropriate frequencies and minimal transfer times, the airport bus is a convenient way to catch your flight. Please note that for the airport bus route Bahrain – Dammam there are different rules relating to booking, check-in and baggage as well as different facilities on the bus. You will find detailed information about this on the route information page.


Lufthansa Airport Buses

You will benefit from a service that is aligned precisely to the flight connections at our Frankfurt Airport hub. What is more, the Lufthansa Airport Bus covers the routes Porto – Vigo and Bahrain – Dammam. Thanks to appropriate frequencies and minimal transfer times, you can catch your flights with ease. Passengers who are not catching an onward flight with Lufthansa or who are booked on a flight with another airline can, of course, also purchase tickets for Lufthansa Airport Bus connections.


Arrival and departure times

Please see the Lufthansa timetable for information on the arrival and departure times of the Lufthansa airport buses.



You can book tickets for the Lufthansa Airport Bus in exactly the same way as you would book a Lufthansa flight directly online at To do this, simply enter Frankfurt as your departure airport and Kaiserslautern Central Station (Hbf. KLT), Saarbrucken (SDB) or Strasbourg (XER) as your destination airport. Alternatively, you can also book the Lufthansa Airport Bus through a Lufthansa agency.

Please note that, as for a flight, you need a ticket in advance for the Airport Bus. Unfortunately you cannot buy a ticket from the bus driver.

For the Lufthansa Airport Bus Bahrain – Dammam route, different rules apply to booking. Please read more about these on the route information page.


Check-in and Baggage

Travel on the airport bus from Kaiserslautern to Frankfurt Airport

Lufthansa airport bus passengers arriving at Frankfurt Airport can – like all other passengers – use the baggage check-in options that are available to them in Departure Hall A. Passengers who are only travelling with carry-on baggage can proceed directly to their departure gate.

After landing in Frankfurt passengers collect their baggage and pass through Customs. Please note that it is not possible for baggage to be transported automatically to Kaiserslautern because of customs regulations.

Means of transport
Airport Bus
Mobile check-in, online check-in, direct with the driver
Driver helps with the loading and unloading of baggage
Lufthansa connecting flight
Mobile check-in, online check-in, check-in at a check-in machine
Check in baggage at the baggage drop-off counter at Frankfurt Airport
Means of transport
Lufthansa flight
Mobile check-in, online check-in, check-in at a check-in machine
Check in baggage at the baggage drop-off counter at the departure airport
Airport Bus
Mobile check-in, online check-in, check-in at a check-in machine

As usual collect your baggage after landing and after clearing customs take it with you to the Lufthansa Airport Bus

Important information about the airport bus routes from Kaiserslautern, Saarbrucken or Strasbourg to Frankfurt Airport

  • Always allow at least 60 minutes between flight and bus.
  • For capacity reasons baggage allowance is limited to two pieces per passenger.
  • The check-in deadline for the Lufthansa Airport Bus is 15 minutes before departure. If you are not at the bus stop by this time, your seat may be given to another passenger.
  • Passengers must travel as originally booked and then travel and complete their trip as per this reservation.
  • For almost all routes you can print out your boarding pass for the Lufthansa airport bus and your connecting flight from as early as 23 hours before departure on your own PC or have it issued as a mobile boarding pass.
  • For the journey to Kaiserslautern, Saarbrucken or Strasbourg you can get your boarding pass for the Lufthansa Airport Bus from any Lufthansa check-in machine at Frankfurt Airport or directly from the bus driver. Unfortunately, no through-check-in is possible, as it would be for two consecutive flights. You can sit wherever you wish on the bus.
  • To enable smooth processing at the bus stop, please check in for the bus immediately upon arrival at Frankfurt Airport.

Conditions of carriage

By booking the Lufthansa Airport Bus you are agreeing to its conditions of carriage. Please read these through first:

Lufthansa Airport Bus Conditions of Carriage (PDF)


Information about the buses

The Lufthansa Airport Bus fleet consists solely of four-star category, First Class coaches. Comfortable seats, air conditioning and a toilet, as well as reading lamps, anti-glare blinds and footrests are standard. Wi-Fi is also available to you.


Airport Shuttle Services

Individual and comfortable – the Lufthansa airport shuttles on the routes from Heidelberg to Frankfurt Airport and from Munich city centre to Munich Airport as well as the airport shuttle on the route from Regensburg to Munich Airport.

The Lufthansa Guide Service

The Lufthansa Guide Service

International passengers can use the individual Lufthansa Guide Service at Frankfurt and Munich airports. The guides help passengers find their way around the airport and the service is available in many languages.

Further information about the Lufthansa Guide Service

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