Baggage Guide – frequently asked questions

On the following page you will find essential information about the carriage of baggage, special baggage, animals and medicines as well as details of country-specific travel regulations.

How much baggage am I allowed to take free of charge?

Lufthansa will transport a certain amount of checked baggage ("free baggage allowance") and carry-on baggage free of charge. These allowances may vary depending on flight route, booking and travel class, fare, Miles & More participant status, etc.

Information on free baggage allowances
Information on carry-on baggage

What do I need to be aware of with excess and special baggage?

Excess and special baggage must be registered before the start of your journey.

Information on and charges for excess and special baggage

What do I need to think about if I want to take a bicycle with me?

You can obtain information on the carriage and registration of bicycles at the Lufthansa Service Center
(preferably when booking your flight). Bicycles must not be packed for carriage. Unfortunately we are not able to transport eBikes.

Special baggage – information and charges

What may I take on board as carry-on baggage?

EU regulations apply to the carrying of liquids in carry-on baggage.

Information on carry-on baggage

How should I transport valuables?

You should carry valuables (e.g. laptop, mobile phone, PDA, documents, passports, jewellery) with you in the cabin in your carry-on baggage.

What do I need to be aware of when taking medicines with me?

Recommendations for the transport of medicines

May I take my pet on board with me?

Animals can be carried on board under certain conditions.

Regulations and recommendations for the transport of animals

Which items may not be taken on board?

Dangerous goods are not permitted as baggage. The customs authorities also provide information on the import and export of goods (website of German Customs & Excise). Specific regulations apply to the importation of foods of animal origin.

What do I need to be aware of when travelling to India?

Travellers who arrive in India on an intercontinental flight and who have booked an onward flight within India must collect their bags during the stopover from baggage reclaim, take them through customs and check them in again. This regulation applies to all airlines and must also be adhered to when, according to the ticket, the baggage has been checked straight through to the passenger’s destination airport.

What do I have to consider when flying to the USA?

On flights to the USA, the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) may break open locked baggage to check its contents if they consider it suspicious (TSA suitcase locks are recommended).

TSA baggage information (, in English).

How is baggage data processed?

As a general rule the data we collect is used to fulfil the contract of carriage you have taken out with us. This includes both passenger and baggage data. To ensure the onward transportation of your baggage with other airlines as well as its timely processing at airports, we pass data on to the airlines and airports concerned. In addition we support the German Customs authorities in the fulfilment of their legal duties by allowing limited access to selected data.

How should I label my baggage?

Make sure each bag bears your name and (mobile) phone number (ID card inside the bag and tag attached outside); bag tags and adhesive labels for checked baggage are available free of charge at the check-in counter.

What is the latest time that I can check in my baggage?

Information on local check-in deadlines, including deadlines for checking in baggage

What should I do if my baggage is missing?

You should report your missing baggage immediately on arrival at the relevant counter. It is more complicated to report it later.

Detailed information on missing or damaged baggage

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