Transiting in Singapore

As part of the effort to gradually reopen Singapore’s air transport, passengers onboard Lufthansa flights will be allowed to transit through Singapore Changi Airport with effect from 04 January 2021.

While we are excited to welcome you back on board, passengers are required to follow the regulatory requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) during your transfer in Singapore.

Before you book

Check eligibility to transit

Lufthansa customers can now transit through Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) from a list of approved cities to approved destinations with our joint-venture partner Singapore Airlines (SQ) only.

The current regulatory approval includes all cities served by Lufthansa in Europe (Schengen Area only, Russian Federation, Turkey, and United Kingdom) and the United States via our hub Frankfurt to Singapore and onto the approved SQ destinations and vice versa. The countries approved for transit flights must be your first point of departure. Exceptions are if your first point of departure is for a domestic flight.

All travelers entering or transiting through Singapore, except for those who have stayed in lower-risk countries/regions (such as Australia, Brunei, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and New Zealand)  throughout the last 21 days before departure for Singapore, will need to present a valid negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within 72 hours before departure for Singapore. Only then will they be allowed to board their flight to Singapore. All travelers will also be required to present their valid COVID-19 PCR test result at checkpoints when they arrive in Singapore.

Transit routes

Please click here to check our latest list of regulatory-approved itineraries to find out if you can transit through SIN.

Passengers with a travel history to Myanmar, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, or Sri Lanka in the past 21 days will not be allowed to transit through Singapore Changi Airport due to regulatory requirements. You may also refer to ICA’s website ( before you commence your travel to inform yourself about the latest changes to immigration/transit policies.

When making a reservation

Your flights must be booked on the same ticket and not separate tickets to ensure compliance with various authorities’ health and safety measures for travel during this period.

Flying from your departure city

Complete pre-departure health declaration

You may be screened for signs of illnesses at your departure airport and asked to declare your health status at your departure airport.  In line with the regulatory guideline, you will not be allowed to board the flight if you exhibit any respiratory illness symptoms.

Proceed to the boarding gate early

As there will be several checks conducted prior to boarding, passengers are required to proceed to the boarding gate early.

Wear a face mask

You are required to wear a face mask throughout your flight except during mealtimes.  We would recommend you bring along several masks so that you can change them if necessary. As face mask policy may vary, please check the requirement of the respective airlines.

For more information on the requirement of face mask onboard Lufthansa flights, click here.

At Singapore Changi Airport

Transit Passengers from Australia, Brunei, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and New Zealand

Please note that Singapore has unilaterally lifted border restrictions with Australia, Brunei, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and New Zealand. Except for temperature screening, Transit passengers from these countries/regions will be able to move freely within a designated transit area during their layover at Changi Airport.

Temperature screening

All arriving passengers at Changi Airport will have their temperature screened.  Medical staff will attend to you if you are running a fever, exhibiting any respiratory illness symptoms, or are feeling unwell.

Arriving at Singapore Changi Airport

All transit passengers will receive a wristband on arrival at Changi Airport.  As per regulatory requirements, you must always wear the wristband during your transit stay.

Be ushered to your next boarding gate or transit holding area

An usher will welcome all transit passengers.

If your transit time is less than 75 minutes, you will directly proceed to your next boarding gate. If your transit time is more than 75 minutes, you will be guided to a designated transit holding area. Our ground personnel will guide you on arrival.

Due to regulatory requirements, you must not visit any shops, restrooms, or amenities en route to the next boarding gate or the designated transit holding area.

Rest and relax at your designated transit holding area

Your designated transit holding area will contain all the comforts you need to rest and relax before your connecting flight. This includes complimentary WiFi, a snoozing corner, food kiosks, vending machines, a smoking room, and restrooms. You will also be able to order food from outlets in Changi Airport to be delivered to you. Do note that you must stay within this designated transit holding area at all times and remember to keep your face mask on unless you are eating, drinking, or smoking.

Access to Lounges

Due to regulatory requirements to keep transit and non-transit passengers apart at Singapore Changi Airport, lounge access is only available to non-transit passengers departing from Singapore, and transit passengers from countries which Singapore has unilaterally lifted border restrictions.

Transit Hotel

Suppose you have a transit time of six hours or longer. In that case, you may wish to note that Aerotel Singapore, the transit hotel at Changi Airport Terminal 1, and Ambassador Transit Hotel at Changi Airport Terminal 3 are open for bookings at your own expense. In line with the regulatory requirement, transit passengers with hotel bookings will be ushered first to the transit holding area for the transit verification checks before being assisted to the hotel upon completing the checks. Transit passengers must strictly remain in the hotel room throughout their entire stay. Upon checking out from the hotel, you will be assisted back to the transit holding area before being ushered to your connecting flight.

For more information on transiting through Singapore Changi Airport, click here.

Your connecting flight

Listen out for your boarding call

Around 75 minutes before your flight departs, you will be ushered in groups from the transit holding area to your boarding gate for security screening and boarding.  Transit passengers will board before all other passengers, regardless of cabin class.