Companion Special in Premium Economy, Business and First Class for selected intercontinental destinations

Enjoy incredible offers when booking for e.g. 2 people on Fly in style with comfort and more space in Premium Economy, Business Class and First Class to intercontinental destinations. See our best offers and begin your booking below!

How to book this offer:

1. Choose a destination from the list below
2. Insert your origin and destination in the search tool below
3. Select 2 to 6 adults in Premium Economy, Business Class or First Class
4. Choose your travel dates within the following period: 09 November 2020 - 31 October 2021
5. This offer is valid for sale until 22 November 2020

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Get inspired! Here is a selection of destinations for you: 

Origin Destination   Premium Economy
for 2 passangers*

Business Class
for 2 passengers*
First Class 
for 2 passangers*
Stockholm Bangkok   from 15,999 SEK from 23,999 SEK from 40,999 SEK
Stockholm Bogota   from 22,599 SEK from 39,999 SEK from 47,999 SEK
Stockholm Buenos Aires   from 24,599 SEK from 33,999 SEK from 51,999 SEK
Stockholm Dubai   from 13,999 SEK from 19,999 SEK from 31,999 SEK
Stockholm Hongkong   from 14,999 SEK from 26,999 SEK from 45,999 SEK
Stockholm Johannesburg   from 17,999 SEK from 33,999 SEK from 47,999 SEK
Stockholm Mauritius   from 22,599 SEK from 40,199 SEK -
Stockholm Nairobi   from 15,999 SEK from 27,999 SEK -
Stockholm Osaka   from 17,999 SEK -
Stockholm Rio de Janeiro   from 19,999 SEK from 29,999 SEK -
Stockholm Sao Paolo   from 19,999 SEK from 27,999 SEK from 49,999 SEK
Stockholm Seoul   from 17,599 SEK from 25,999 SEK -
Stockholm Shanghai   from 12,599 SEK from 23,999 SEK from 49,999 SEK
Stockholm Singapore   from 15,999 SEK from 21,999 SEK from 45,999 SEK
Stockholm Tel Aviv   - from   9,399 SEK -
Stockholm Tokyo   from 17,999 SEK from 35,999 SEK from 73,999 SEK

*Prices may differ for departures from other cities. Certain destinations may not be on offer from all origins. Round-trip Business Class fares for two including all taxes, fees and carrier charges. The prices displayed may vary and should serve as a guide for your selected journey. The end price is subject to change depending on the selected payment option. Seats are limited and may not be available on all days/flights. The fare might only be available during a special travel time and might not be available during holidays or other peak seasons. Baggage might not be included in the end price. Additional baggage fees may apply. The fare might not be refundable or changeable. Minimum stay/maximum stay and/or advanced purchase might apply.