Terms of Use for the RAIL&FLY Online Ticket to be Printed by the Customer

1. Applicability

The terms and conditions for the online sale of tickets shall apply, unless stipulated otherwise in the following provisions. The booking, payment, exchange, and refund of RAIL&FLY online tickets are only possible through your airline.

2. Ticket Purchase

2.1 RAIL&FLY online tickets to print yourself can only be purchased after you have consented to these terms of use.

2.2 RAIL&FLY online tickets can be booked up to 10 minutes before the start of travel. The RAIL&FLY online ticket will be displayed in PDF format directly on your device’s screen or will be sent by the travel organiser as a PDF file via e-mail. The RAIL&FLY online ticket must be printed by the customer on paper in DIN A 4 format using Acrobat Reader. Deutsche Bahn (DB) will not send a ticket by post.

2.3 The RAIL&FLY online ticket is a personal and non-transferable ticket and is only valid in conjunction with the valid BahnCard 25/BahnCard 50 or EC/Maestro or credit card or identification card used for identification during booking. The traveller must also be the owner of the card proving his/her identity (BahnCard 25/BahnCard 50 or EC/Maestro or credit card or identification card). In the case of group tickets, only the person who booked the ticket must provide identification via a BahnCard 25/BahnCard 50 or EC/Maestro/credit card or identification card. RAIL&FLY online tickets cannot be purchased for unaccompanied children or for dogs.

2.4 The RAIL&FLY online ticket system can be used to purchase outbound and return tickets via your airline at the RAIL&FLY price with or without a BahnCard (RAIL&FLY price with BahnCard applies to BahnCard 25/50). The RAIL&FLY offer is only valid in conjunction with a service booked with your airline. If, during a ticket inspection, you are unable to present documents upon request to show that an additional service was booked, the RAIL&FLY online ticket will not be valid.
In this case, the traveller is obligated to pay an increased fare (§ 12 of the Railway Regulations (EVO)). For this purpose, the railway company will issue a subsequent invoice for the increased fare. Notwithstanding § 12 para. 3 EVO, the traveller may verify at a railway station that he was the owner of a valid ticket at the time the ticket was deemed invalid and may do so within 14 days of the date on which the ticket was deemed invalid. If it is not possible on the train to determine whether purchasing the ticket prior to the journey was not possible for reasons for which the railway company is responsible, the traveller shall receive an additional receipt with his/her invoice for the increased fare. In this case, the 14-day verification period shall not begin until a separate written request has been sent by the railway company.
Instead of the increased fare, the traveller may, on trains on which the sale of tickets is possible (including transfers/indirect routes), pay the established price on board if the traveller informs the train attendant, of his/her own volition, that he/she does not have a valid ticket and immediately purchases a ticket.

3. Data Privacy/Data Security

3.1 To complete the carriage contract, the following personal data are required from you and transferred by the airline to DB Vertrieb GmbH: first name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address, BahnCard 25/BahnCard 50/credit card number or EC/Maestro card information (account number and sort code) or identification card information (date of birth, expiry date, issuing country, and the last four digits of the identification card number) for the online ticket identification.

3.2 DB Vertrieb GmbH warrants that it will only automatically collect, process, and use these personal data for the purpose of completing the carriage contract in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation.

4. Control/Abuse

4.1 In the RAIL&FLY online ticket system, the various booking data are encrypted in a certificate and included on the paper printout. During inspection, the certificate and the BahnCard 25/BahnCard 50, EC/Maestro card, or credit card provided as identification are read by or entered into a control device, which decodes the certificate and displays the ticket data. The control device stores a control data set, which is compared to the booked RAIL&FLY online ticket.

4.2 Please note that the BahnCard, EC/Maestro card, credit card, or identification card provided as identification during the booking process must be carried with you on the train. Without the identification provided during the booking process, the ticket is considered invalid and the normal price that all passengers are required to pay (price on board) must be paid.

4.3 In the event of abuse (e.g. unauthorised repeated use of a RAIL&FLY online ticket), the ticket is considered invalid. In this case, you will be charged the normal price plus a processing fee by the airline, and you will be blocked from using the online ticket system by the travel organiser and on www.bahn.de. In addition, we reserve the right to bring criminal charges in the case of abuse. The control data sets are automatically erased after seven months.