Late night check-in is especially popular with groups and travellers with small children or a lot of luggage. With your luggage already in good hands you can start your flight the next day a lot more relaxed.


This is how the late night Check-in works

In general, late night check-in is possible for all flights operated by Lufthansa or one of the Lufthansa regional partners and is available at numerous airports.

The evening before your flight - but at the maximum 23 hours before departure - check in your baggage at a check-in counter or check-in machine and choose your seat. Then you receive your boarding pass. The next day you go directly to your departure gate.

Please note that you can only check in at the check-in counter with an Economy Class ticket in exceptional circumstances. Instead, please check in conveniently online, via your mobile phone or at a check-in machine at the airport.

Here you find out whether we offer late night Check-in at your airport


Late-night check-in for the USA, Canada and Mexico

The late night check-in is situated in the especially designated check-in area for these destinations and is possible for direct connections as well as for transfer flights.

Please note that unfortunately late-night check-in is not available for flights with Air Canada from Munich.

Exception: Transfer flights into the USA when the transatlantic flight is operated by an US-American carrier.

Special note: Late night check-in for flights departing North America (USA, Canada, Mexico) is not available for security reasons.


Late night Check-in for groups

Late night check-in for groups is only available if the accompanying tourist guide is present at the time of check-in. He has to prove his identity with an official document including a picture.

Late night check-in for smaller groups (families, couples, several persons known to each other) via one member of the group is possible too, if this person carries all ID documents of the members of the group.


Check-in of animals

Animals may only be checked in on the day of departure.

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