Unaccompanied children: little passengers are a big priority!

Unaccompanied children need very special support. With Lufthansa, they are in the best hands: we look after their needs with great sensitivity—at the airport, during the flight and after landing.

From what age are children allowed to travel alone?

Children aged between 5 and 11 may only fly unaccompanied if they are using our Lufthansa care service or if they are travelling with someone who is at least 12 years old. The Lufthansa care service can also be booked by parents for unaccompanied children from the age of 12 up to a maximum of 17 years. This ensures that the child receives support, especially in the event of a disruption to their flight, such as  a delay or cancellation.

Every year 70,000 children travel using the Lufthansa care service. The Lufthansa care service ensures that the children and their relatives feel they are in good hands before take-off, during the flight and after landing. On arrival, the flight crew will hand your child over to a member of staff who will then take your child to meet the person who is collecting them. Please note that your child must be picked up immediately by the person collecting them at the destination airport.

Please note that other airlines' regulations for unaccompanied children may be different from those described here for Lufthansa. If your chosen flight is operated by a carrier other than Lufthansa, please enquire directly with the respective airline about the rules for children travelling alone. This also applies to Lufthansa Group airlines:

Are additional fees charged for unaccompanied children?

Yes, for the Lufthansa care service for unaccompanied children, in addition to the price of the flight, a care service charge applies per route and per child (even in the case of siblings travelling together):

ZoneCharge in EURCharge in CHFCharge in USDCharge in CADCharge in GBP
1EUR 85CHF 95USD 95CAD 135GBP 75
2EUR 85CHF 95USD 95CAD 135GBP 75
3EUR 95CHF 105USD 105CAD 145GBP 85
4EUR 115CHF 130USD 130CAD 175GBP 100
5EUR 125CHF 140USD 140CAD 190GBP 110
6EUR 150CHF 170USD 170CAD 230GBP 130

Zone 1: Domestic flights (within DE, CH and AT) and flights within Africa

Zone 2: Europe (IATA Zone 210) incl. flights within and between DE, CH and AT

Zone 3: North Africa and the Levant (incl. LB, IL, EK, JO, IQ, KZ, TM)

Zone 4: Middle East, Central Africa and the Arab region (incl. AE, QA, IR, NG, SA, ET, BH, OM, KW)

Zone 5: Medium-haul intercontinental flights (incl. US East Coast, CA East Coast, IN, GQ, KE, TZ, AO, MV)

Zone 6: Long-haul intercontinental flights (incl. US West Coast, CA West Coast, South America, JP, CN, KR, TH, SG, ZA, SC)

Important travel documents and Lufthansa care service form

Please let us know that your child will be travelling alone as soon as you book the flight. To help you prepare for the journey, please use our practical checklist for unaccompanied children, in which we have listed all the important information for your child’s trip.

As well as the necessary documents (e.g. the Lufthansa care service form), the list also includes useful tips on booking, check-in, carry-on baggage, free baggage allowance and collection at the destination. At the airport you will be given the small yellow Lufthansa bag which your child should keep with them clearly visible during the entire journey. The bag holds all the necessary travel documents:

  • valid passport/child’s ID card1
  • visa for the destination country2
  • travel insurance certificate2
  • information on any allergies the child may have3
  • receipt for pre-paid charges for the Lufthansa care service, if applicable
  • declaration of consent from parents/legal guardians that their child may travel unaccompanied2
  • the completed care service form1

Save time: fill in and print out the care service form at home. We recommend you make three copies of the form: one for you, one to go in your child’s small yellow bag (which you will receive at the Lufthansa check-in desks) and one for us.


Tickets for unaccompanied children cannot be booked online, but only via the Lufthansa Service Center or at your travel agency. If you have any questions, please contact the Service Center.

Baggage for unaccompanied children

Your child’s carry-on baggage may be the same size as that which is permitted for an adult. However, your child should be able to carry the bag easily unaided. Any medicines to be taken during the flight or at the destination, warm clothing and a small amount of spending money should, of course, also be included. Find out more about this subject in our carry-on baggage regulations.

You can check your free baggage allowance in just a few steps with our baggage calculator – based on route, travel class and fare. There you will also find the prices and dimensions for optional baggage.

The best of care even before departure

The Lufthansa check-in counters are the first point of contact for you and your child as soon as you arrive at the airport. In Frankfurt you will now be entrusting your child to the service staff. Your child is therefore in the best hands from take-off to landing and will be looked after until the handover to the person collecting your child at the destination airport.

At other airports you may be required to accompany your child to the gate yourself. Please enquire about this at a Lufthansa check-in counter when you arrive at the airport.

Please note that the individual bringing the child to the airport and collecting the child from the destination airport must be at least 18 years of age. The individual who brings the child to the airport must be available at the airport and contactable by phone until the booked flight departs.

Dedicated check-in counters

At Frankfurt Airport, Lufthansa provides dedicated check-in counters for children who will be travelling alone and their parents in departure hall B, counters 336-339. At Munich Airport, counter 417 in the departure hall on Level 4 serves the same purpose.

The best of care on board and after landing

Welcome on board!

Your child will be welcomed on board by our flight attendants and looked after throughout the flight. Your child will be seated close to the flight attendants so that they can be on hand immediately if your child has any questions or concerns. With toys, drawing equipment and a special children’s entertainment programme, the time on board will simply fly by.

Our special children’s menus, which have been prepared with care, are delicious and healthy. You can order these menus free of charge up to 24 hours before departure online at My bookings.

More information about children’s and special meals can be found in our FAQs.

We currently provide our care service for unaccompanied children on direct flights only. Connecting flights are not possible.

Welcome at the destination

At the destination airport, the flight crew will hand your child over to a member of staff who will then take them to meet the person collecting them.

Before entrusting your child to the person collecting them, Lufthansa will check by asking to see a valid ID that this is the person named on the Lufthansa care service form. Please let the person collecting your child know that he or she must produce a valid ID or passport. The person collecting your child must then take immediate responsibility for your child.

Even if flights are delayed, your child will be well looked after by us. In order to save the person collecting your child an unnecessary wait in the event of a flight delay, you can check the flight status at any time online and thus always keep up to date.

In Frankfurt you can collect your child after baggage claim in the Arrivals area of the respective flight; in Munich in front of the exit at baggage reclaim.

1 Required in every case
2 Required depending on destination country
3 Recommended