Comfort on board First Class

Step on board – and instantly feel completely relaxed. Because everything is, quite simply, first class.

Enjoy every single moment on board First Class because time is precious

Because every detail is tailored to your personal requirements. Whether you want to sleep, relax or perhaps do some work, you’ll find the ideal conditions here. The timelessly elegant design, exquisite materials and pleasant lighting design are a treat for your senses. Every moment belongs to you, because sound insulation and screens ensure your precious privacy. A First Class travel experience above the clouds that is perfectly complemented by the personal attention of the cabin crew.

Everything to ensure the most comfortable seating possible

The best seat position is always the one that makes you feel most comfortable. That’s why you’ll enjoy the ergonomic comfort of the First Class seats that can be perfectly adjusted to suit you. The seat operation is intuitive, so you will quickly find your perfect position.

Please feel free to ask the flight attendants if you would like to rest or sleep: on request, they will convert your seat into a 2-metre-long bed with a comfortable mattress and a temperature-regulating duvet.

Refreshingly high-quality details

Even after a long intercontinental flight, you should arrive at your destination feeling relaxed. That’s why we offer you an exclusive amenity kit and a selection of high-quality toiletries in our elegant and spacious First Class washrooms. Small details that ensure refreshing moments and round off perfectly your first-class travel experience.