Special requests

Travel under all circumstances

Plan for a smooth, safe journey with our comprehensive information and services for special needs travellers.


All the way from booking to landing, you and your children can fly feeling relaxed with our practical services and benefits for families.


You can find all the key information about registering your pets, as well as the various options for transporting them.

Unaccompanied children

With Lufthansa, they are in the best possible hands. We take care of your children’s needs with great sensitivity – at the airport, during the flight and once they have landed.

Special meals

Vegetarian, vegan, gluten or lactose free or meals for members of specific religions – you can choose from the wide range we offer.

Accessible travel

Find all the information about accessible travel with Lufthansa for passengers with impaired mobility or sensory impairments.

Guest relax in Premium Economy Class

Health & travel

Arrive feeling relaxed, no matter what health conditions or allergies you have or if you have a fear a flying – with information and guidance about travelling healthy.