Dangerous goods

In order to ensure your safety on board, the transportation of certain items in baggage or hand luggage is prohibited by law.

For safety reasons the following items are not allowed on board:

  • Briefcases with built-in alarm devices
  • Explosives, fireworks, flares
  • Pressurized containers containing irritant gases, self-defense sprays, camping gas
  • Containers with flammable liquids such as lighter fuel, paint, varnish, cleaning agents
  • Items that ignite easily, such as matches
  • Substances that emit flammable gases upon contact with water
  • Oxidizing substances, such as bleaching powder, peroxides
  • Poisonous (toxic) and infectious substances, such as quicksilver, bacteria and virus cultures
  • Radioactive materials and items
  • Corrosive substances, such as acids, alkalis, wet cell batteries
  • Strongly magnetic materials
  • Petrol-operated equipment and tools that have contained minimal amounts of petrol (e.g. for test purposes)
  • Electro shock weapons, such as tasers
  • Self-balancing, small electric vehicles such as hoverboards, mini-Segways, Airwheels and Solowheels, for example

Exceptions to the rule on the carriage of dangerous items

For safety reasons passengers are prohibited from transporting dangerous items. However, under certain circumstances exceptions will be made to this rule.

Please also be aware that certain items are allowed in cabin baggage but not in checked baggage. These items have to be removed if cabin baggage cannot be accommodated in the cabin. This concerns such items as safety matches and lighters; spare lithium metal or spare lithium ion batteries, and e-cigarettes.

Information on the carriage of dangerous goods (PDF)

Rule for lighters

You are allowed to carry a cigarette lighter on your person if it is intended for personal use and is filled with (fully absorbed) liquid gas fuel. The carrying of safety matches is also only allowed on your person.

The carriage of all lighters, petrol and storm lighters, lighters filled with unabsorbed fuel, butane gas lighters and cigar lighters, lighter fuel or refills is forbidden in checked baggage.

Weapons and ammunition in checked baggage

The Lufthansa Sales Offices can provide you with information on transporting ammunition (+49 (0)69 - 86 799 799).

Weapons and ammunition must be packed in separate bags. If necessary, a special baggage box must be used to separate both items. Weapons must be unloaded.

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