Decide for yourself where you want to sit

Whether you prefer a window or an aisle seat or you want to sit by the emergency exit for more legroom, Lufthansa offers you the option of choosing seats for yourself and your travelling companions in advance. You can reserve seats directly when booking your flight or later online under My Bookings. The following rules apply to seat reservations:


HON Circle Members and Senators, First and Business Class passengers

Lufthansa HON Circle Members and Senators can reserve their seats and those of their travelling companions free of charge in advance in the same booking, irrespective of their travel class.
First and Business Class passengers can also reserve their seat free of charge in advance irrespective of their Miles & More status.


Economy Class

Economy Class passengers can reserve seats in advance on all flights operated by Lufthansa and Lufthansa Regional, depending on their chosen fare/booking class, as follows:

Booking class
IntercontinentalY B M U H X Q VSeat (standard)Free of charge
WSTLK*Seat (standard)EUR 25.00
USD 35.00
Up to 48 hours before departure
All fares/
booking classes
Seat with more legroomEUR 50.00 - EUR 90.00**
USD 65,00 - USD 115.00**
Up to 48 hours before departure
Within Germany and Europe***Y B M U H X Q VSeat (standard)Free of charge
W S T L KSeat (standard)EUR 10.00
USD 15.00
Up to 48 hours before departure
All fares/
booking classes
Seat with more legroomEUR 20.00 USD 30.00Up to 48 hours before departure

* For tickets issued before 28 April 2014 seat reservations on intercontinental flights remain free of charge.

**The price for a seat with more legroom varies per routing distance. On intercontinental Lufthansa flights to/from North and Central Africa as well as the Middle East, the price is EUR 50,00/USD 65,00. On flights to/from Argentina, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Singapore, South Africa as well as Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco and Vancouver, the price is EUR 90,00/USD 115,00. On all other flights, the price is EUR 70,00/USD 100,00.

*** Includes Algeria, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkmenistan.

Please note that a confirmed seat reservation does not give you any legal right to a specific seat, only to a seat in your chosen category, e.g. window or aisle.


Seats with more legroom

In Economy Class Lufthansa offers seats with more legroom for reservation on almost all aircraft types. You can find out the exact location of these seats from the seatmaps. These seats feature at least ten centimeters (four inches) additional legroom.

Some of these seats are located in emergency exit rows. In such case, please observe the following special requirements.


Seats in emergency exit rows

Special requirements apply when reserving seats in emergency exit rows. A passenger must:

  • be at least 16 years of age.
  • have the capacity to perform the required duties without the assistance of a companion, parent or other relative.
  • be willing to assist in the unlikely event of an emergency.
  • be able to read and understand instructions, and comply with crew instructions in the event of an emergency.
  • not be travelling with someone who needs their assistance in an emergency.
  • not have a condition or responsibility that might prevent them from performing these functions or cause them to suffer bodily harm while performing these functions.
  • speak German or English.
  • not be travelling with a pet in the cabin.

For safety reasons, Lufthansa is entitled to allocate another seat before departure to passengers who cannot satisfy these requirements.

Please also note that any carry-on baggage you have must be stowed in the overhead lockers because during take-off and landing no objects must be in the seating area or under the seats of an emergency exit row.


Choose your seat free of charge during check-in

All the seats which are still available can, of course, still be selected free of charge as soon as check-in for the flight in question opens – usually this is from 23 hours before departure. Please note, however, that by this time the choice of seats may be limited.


Adding or changing your seat after you’ve booked your flight

No problem. Call up your flight under ‘My Bookings’ and you can book or change your seat there. Please note that changes are only possible to seats at the same or a lower price; money already paid will not be refunded.

To change a seat reservation that you have paid for, please contact the Lufthansa Service Centre. Please note that in this case you can only change to a seat that is the same price or a lower price than the seat you originally booked and that we cannot refund the amount you have already paid.


Requirements for seat reservations

First and Business Class passengers as well as HON Circle Members and Senators:

  • For confirmed reservations only (no waiting list bookings)

Please note that seat reservations on flights which are not operated by Lufthansa or Lufthansa Regional are restricted in some cases or cannot be guaranteed. Where necessary, please contact the airline operating your flight.

Economy Class passengers:

  • Only for flights and AIRail connections under LH flight numbers
  • Only for flights which are operated by Lufthansa or Lufthansa Regional (Lufthansa Cityline, Eurowings, Air Dolomiti)
  • Only for confirmed reservations (no waiting list bookings)

Chargeable seat reservations in Economy Class (seats with more legroom as well as all seats for passengers in booking classes W, S, T, L & K):

  • The above-mentioned rules for Economy Class passengers apply
  • Only possible in combination with an already issued ticket or during the initial ticket booking via
  • The booking of the already issued ticket must still be active (available in the reservation system, flights not in the past). The scheduled departure time of the flight in question is more than 48 hours in the future
  • If seat reservations have already been made for a fee, the payment process must be completely closed and the relevant service documents issued to make another seat reservation or seat change.

Seat changes for operational reasons

If Lufthansa has to change your seat reservation, for example because of a last-minute change to the aircraft type deployed, Lufthansa will do its best to reserve a new, equivalent seat for you automatically. In these cases priority is firstly given to passengers who are travelling together, such as families, so that they can still sit next to each other. After that, there is the allocation of seats with more legroom in the emergency exit rows and of aisle, window and middle seats. If it is not possible to allocate you a new seat equivalent to your original, then you are entitled to a refund of the amount you paid for your seat reservation. Please contact the Lufthansa Service Centre to arrange this.


Ticket rebookings and refunds

You can change or cancel your airline ticket with an existing seat reservation simply and conveniently yourself under ‘My Bookings’. If you have paid a fee for the seat reservation on the flight that you wish to change, Lufthansa will automatically try to book you an equivalent seat on your new flight. Please note that amounts already paid for seat reservations cannot be refunded if there are no seats or no equivalent seats available for reservation on the changed flight.

Should you wish to cancel your journey, paid-for seat reservations will automatically be taken into account and refunded according to the standard terms and conditions where applicable.


Refunds of paid-for seat reservations

Seat reservations that have already been paid for are refundable in the following cases:

  • A schedule change by Lufthansa, e.g. a change to the aircraft type deployed, means that no equivalent seat can be made available to you on the new flight.
  • An unforeseen disruption, such as bad weather, means you have to be rebooked on another flight on which there is no equivalent seat available for you.
  • You cancel your flight and your ticket is refundable.

Refunds can be requested in the service area under ‘My Bookings’ or through the Lufthansa Service Centre, but are not possible either directly at the airport or on board your flight.

Paid-for seat reservations cannot be refunded if:

  • You cancel your flight and your ticket is non-refundable.
  • You receive an upgrade from Lufthansa for operational reasons or as a gesture of goodwill.
  • You change your seat, but the new seat is cheaper than the one you originally booked or is free of charge.
  • You do not satisfy the conditions for sitting in an emergency exit row.
  • You rebook your flight, but there are no longer equivalent seats available, seat reservations on the new flight are free of charge or this flight is not operated by Lufthansa or Lufthansa Regional.
  • You change your flight and in the process change the routing.

Seat reservations on flights which are not operated by Lufthansa or Lufthansa Regional

Please be aware that seat reservations on flights which are not operated by Lufthansa or Lufthansa Regional may only be possible to a limited extent, or not at all, especially in Economy Class.

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