Trip Finder

The Lufthansa Trip Finder can help you plan your next adventure – tailored to your preferences. This fun tool on the Lufthansa site lets you plan your trip using an interactive map of the world. Simply enter your departure city, use the sliding scale to set your travel budget and then select the things you’d like to do on vacation.

Part of the excitement of the actual trip is the planning process. Three easy steps follow to quickly acquaint you with the tool. It's an exciting way to get inspired.


Proceed to Trip Finder

Step 1: Get started

- Set your budget by adjusting the sliding scale with your mouse
- Choose your departure city by typing, or zoom in on the map and select with your mouse
- Click on “more options” if you have an idea of travel time, places of interest, or activities you want to experience.

Tip: Make sure to access Trip Finder from the homepage of your desired country of origin

Step 2: Set timing

- Click on one of three tabs based on your intended travel plans:

1. Anytime
2. Specific Dates
3. Weekend

Tip: Choosing another tab will clear any previous selections.

Step 3: Select interests

- Let Trip Finder propose anywhere in the world, or
- Select your preferred destinations (up to 3 cities or countries), or
- Choose from a list of leisure activities (golf, museums, etc.)

Tip: Choose only one (1) tab here. You can make additional selections after you proceed within the tool.


Imagine the possibilities! 

Imagine the possibilities!
Imagine the possibilities!

Once you have made your preliminary selections, you are free to change the filters to generate further options. Trip Finder gives you the freedom to decide and then leads you directly to booking, for quick and simple ticketing.


Proceed to Trip Finder

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