Delayed and damaged baggage

Among the thousands of bags that Lufthansa transports daily, a small percentage is delayed or may experience minor damage. We realize this can be inconvenient for you and trust that the following information will answer any questions you have.


Delayed Baggage

Delayed baggage should be reported to a Lufthansa representative immediately after the arrival of your Lufthansa operated flight. Upon obtaining the necessary baggage information (description) from you, the details are entered into a worldwide computerized baggage tracing system. At this point, baggage is usually located within 24-48 hours.

After you have advised the Lufthansa representative that your bag(s) has been delayed and received a file reference number, click here to check the status of your bag.

If you have not received a file reference number, you may contact the North American Baggage Call Center at 1-877-234-3449 or the Baggage Tracing office at the airport you arrived in.

If your baggage has not been located within 3 to 5 days, an extended computer search may be necessary. We therefore need you to complete the detailed list of contents, then mail or fax it to the address provided on the form.


Damaged Baggage

Damages should be reported to and viewed by a Lufthansa representative immediately after the arrival of your flight. If you did not report the damage immediately upon arrival, written notification must be received by our Customer Relations office within 7 days of your arrival, for claim consideration.

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