Lufthansa Airport Bus: Bahrain - Dammam (Saudi Arabia)


The Lufthansa airport shuttle Bahrain – Dammam is run by our cooperation partner SABTCO as a comfortable limousine service (7-seater).



Arrival Level, SABTCO OfficeSABTCO Bus Station, Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques Rd, Khobar

Booking and tickets

The shuttle service can only be used in combination with a flight booking from Frankfurt to Bahrain and/or from Bahrain to Frankfurt with transport to or from Dammam by shuttle. This can be booked, and is shown in the timetable, as a flight segment. The shuttle service is included in the published ticket price.

For the bus journey passengers only need their boarding pass for the relevant route Dammam-Bahrain or Bahrain-Dammam. This serves as a ticket and must be shown to the bus driver. It is not possible to buy tickets from the driver.


Conditions of carriage

By booking the Lufthansa Airport Bus you are agreeing to its conditions of carriage. Please read these through first:

Lufthansa Airport Bus Conditions of Carriage (PDF)


Points to note

Up to three Economy Class passengers will be taken to the Khobar Bus Station in Dammam. If there are four or more Economy Class passengers another destination in Dammam can also be arranged.

Business and First Class passengers receive a door-to-door service.

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