Lufthansa Facebook app Packed & Ready

Packed & Ready - the new Facebook app


Your suitcase tells a million stories. Now you can share them and win.

Every suitcase tells a story. Some even tell a hundred stories. What’s your special travel companion? Do you have an item you can’t travel without? A souvenir that forever reminds you of a great time abroad? Share your story with Lufthansa’s new Packed & Ready app!
Packed & Ready lets you upload pictures of your suitcase’s content and apply special effects to it. You can add your story to let the world know what makes your suitcase special. Where’s your special destination? Who’s your favorite fellow traveller?
You can share your stories, tag friends, see and vote for other people’s stories – and you can win! The most popular suitcases can win great Lufthansa prizes.

So get Packed & Ready now!