As of August 1st, 2006 Lufthansa introduced a new distribution model. It takes into consideration the changed market environment for air travel distribution (e.g. Western Europe, USA, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine etc.) and how the role of the traditional travel agent has evolved into that of a travel consultant.


What does it mean for me?

With the introduction of the new distribution model, Lufthansa will levy a Ticket Service Charge (TSC) for the sale of each ticket, bought at a Lufthansa ticket counter, via the Lufthansa Service Center or online.


When does the Lufthansa Ticket Service Charge apply?

The TSC will be paid once for every ticket sold in Romania.


What effects will the Ticket Service Charge have on fees and after-sales services included in the fare?

Further services (such as reissue) are covered by the initially collected TSC. If your fare is subject to rebooking, cancellation or other charges, they will be applied, but no additional TSC will be collected.


How will the final price of your ticket be calculated from 01.08.2006?

The air fare will be clearly distinguished from the consulting and ticketing service. The final price is the sum of the air fare, including taxes and fees, plus the Lufthansa TSC.

Calculation of the final price
Air Fare+Airport Taxes and Fees+Ticket Service Charge (TSC)=Final Price

How much is the Lufthansa Ticket Service Charge?

The cost of the TSC depends on the:

If you travel Economy class to destinations within Europe, the TSC will be 25€ for an Electronic ticket. Should you opt for a Paper ticket, a suplementary charge of 10€ will be collected.

  • destination
  • travel compartment
  • type of the ticket

For online bookings the TSC is 10€ only, irrespective of destination, travel compartment or type of ticket.

Online Booking
Travel within EuropeTravel outside Europe
Electronic Ticket 10€10€
Paper Ticket10€10€
Economy Class
Travel within EuropeTravel outside Europe
Electronic Ticket 25€35€
Paper Ticket 35€45€
Business and First Class
Travel within EuropeTravel outside Europe
Electronic Ticket 35€45€
Paper Ticket 45€55€

The final price directly with Lufthansa may differ from the one via a travel agent depending on the respective agency policy.

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