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Lufthansa Highlights travel report Dresden


The capital of the German state of Saxony is currently experiencing a cultural revival that is not solely attributable to the city’s centuries-old collection of art treasures. A younger, unconventional cultural scene is sprouting up among the ruins and the old masters.



Lufthansa Highlights travel report Málaga


Hot summers, balmy winters: The climate of Europe’s southernmost metropolis is virtually unrivaled. Hence the enduring popularity of this 2800-year-old human settlement.


North America

Lufthansa Highlights travel report Toronto


What, go to Toronto to see art? No longer just a gateway to the Canadian wilderness, Toronto is fast becoming an exciting culture capital, where artists from around the world find the inspiration and the freedom they need to work.

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South America

Lufthansa Highlights travel report Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Beautiful and authentic, classical and contemporary: Few can resist Buenos Aires’ special charm, and award-winning author Claudia Piñeiro is not one of them. For her the city is filled with magic and love. Join her on a very personal tour of the Argentinean capital.

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South-east Asia

Lufthansa Highlights travel report Hong Kong

Hong Kong

A former Portuguese colony west of Hong Kong, Macau is a city of contrasts. It has giant casinos juxtaposed with Chinese temples, and its historical old town is a World Heritage site.

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North Asia

Lufthansa Highlights travel report Beijing


The Eternal City is reinventing itself: Beijing is an imposing 3,000 years old – and is booming with an unprecedented dynamism, not just since the Olympic Games.

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Middle East

Lufthansa Highlights travel report Dubai


Boundless optimism or just an exaggerated opinion of itself? In his new book, "The Dubai Story", well-known travel reporter Helge Sobik explains the background to a modern fairy tale.



Lufthansa Highlights travel report Johannesburg


First stop: Johannesburg. A journey to South Africa, the land of many peoples, often begins with a flight to the capital. Joburg, as it is affectionately known, is a popular starting point for trips to the ocean and coastal towns as well as visits to South Africa’s national parks.


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