Special offers to Canada - Save $30

Special offers to Canada - Save $30


Take a visit to the stunning views of Canada and take off to your dream vacation. Book online now, benefit from new baggage allowance and save an extra $30.

From now on you can pay online with any Iranian Debit cards supported by SHETAB. Buy your ticket online and get a Lufthansa T-shirt!

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Conditions for this offer

  • Purchase by: 18.08.2015
  • Departure period: 11.09.2015-31.03.2016
  • Return period: 17.09.2015-01.07.2016
  • Minimum Stay: 6 days or one saturday night abroad
  • Maximum Stay: 3 months
  • The ticket is non-refundable
  • Rebooking: EUR 190
  • Advance purchase: 7 days

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