Lufthansa Airport Bus Porto - Vigo

The Lufthansa airport bus connects the Spanish coastal city of Vigo to the Lufthansa Group network. From 2 May to 25 October 2014 the bus will run once a day between Vigo and the Portuguese city of Porto. Its timetable is optimally aligned to the departure and arrival times of Lufthansa flights LH1176 and LH1177 between Porto and Frankfurt. In future, therefore, passengers will be able to reach Vigo conveniently with Lufthansa. At the same time, travellers from the region now have a useful connection to Frankfurt and the entire Lufthansa Group route network.


Bus stops

Estacion de Autobuses de Vigo, Gate 16/17; Av. Madrid, 57Porto Airport, South Pier, Level 0


You can book tickets for the Lufthansa airport bus directly online at, just as you would book a flight. To make your booking, simply enter Frankfurt as your departure airport and Vigo bus station (VGO) as your destination airport (or vice versa). All other steps are exactly the same as for a flight booking.

Please note that the bus connection between Vigo and Porto cannot be booked separately. The journey is only available to passengers who have booked Lufthansa flights to or from Vigo. The Lufthansa airport bus is part of the booked journey.

The Lufthansa Guide Service

The Lufthansa Guide Service

International passengers can use the individual Lufthansa Guide Service at Frankfurt and Munich airports. The guides help passengers find their way around the airport and the service is available in many languages.

Further information about the Lufthansa Guide Service

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